The BOTNATION AI team spoke at the Social Media Grand Prix.

Social Media Grand Prize

The Social Media Grand Prix is a major event in the digital ecosystem. It aims to celebrate the most effective and innovative Social Media devices, but also to exchange between experts and brands around all the issues of Social Marketing.

“Chatbots, or artificial intelligence integrated into communication”

As such, Jonathan Chemouny spoke at a round table, moderated by Bertrand Lenotre, Co-founder of Digital Business News, which focused on the following theme: “chatbots, or artificial intelligence integrated into communication”. This event was an opportunity to bring key elements on chatbots and their impact on communication.

Before talking about artificial intelligence and breeding bots, let’s make it simple, 80% of brands on Facebook Messenger do not respond and 20% take 2h48 to respond

If chatbots are on everyone’s lips, they are not yet in every brand. The study we conducted on the behavior of brands on Facebook Messenger based on a panel of 148 major brands in France, showed us that 80% of brands do not respond on the Messenger of their Facebook page. Proof of their lack of enthusiasm on the subject and 20% of them made the average response time reach 2h48, that is to say, the journey Paris-Avignon. Some brands have gone so far as to disable the “Contact” button.

“Behind artificial intelligence there is human intelligence.”

If we talk about artificial intelligence, we must nevertheless put away our futuristic vision of AI. Behind artificial intelligence there is human intelligence. The intelligence of the chatbot corresponds to the needs of the brand that implements it.

Only 5% of brands on Facebook Messenger have a chatbot. A figure that is evolving. Brands are starting to use chatbots to meet very specific expectations. At BOTNATION AI, we currently have more than 1500 users who create their bots in SaaS in all sectors. Several brands have invested Facebook Messenger with a chatbot in order to offer a personalized conversational service to each user at any time of the day or night.

Let’s take the example of tea sets, which often top the list of Christmas gift ideas. The Kusmi Tea Gift Assistant allows the user to chat on Messenger, and to be guided by answering several questions: “who is this gift for”, “what is your budget”…

The Kusmi Tea chatbot allows you to select the product category you wish to offer. The customer then receives a selection of several products according to his answers and can order on the site thanks to the call to action “offer”.

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