The challenge of media.monks for Mini


After a first project realized in 2021 for the car manufacturer Mini, within the framework of a lead generation, we were contacted a second time by the German brand and the agency media.monks to realize a chatbot for a contest intended for its community. As we like long-lasting stories, we asked Fannie Outrey, social manager on this operation, to explain the genesis, the reflections, the obstacles and the results. You will discover how to run a contest with the community of a brand with a strong presence on the networks and with a very marked identity and to communicate on an affinity audience. This beautiful operation was carried out in 4 weeks in the presence of 4 teams – Mini, Meta, media.monks & Botnation – who worked hand in hand for results satisfying all parties involved! Now for some sound advice from Fannie: grab a notebook and a pen, the performance lesson is about to start…

Introduce yourself and your company

I have been working as an independent social media manager for the past ten years. For this project, I collaborated with the agency Mediamonks to accompany the MINI brand in the conception and orchestration of a contest to create its new jingle.

MINI wanted to survey its communities to find out if it was appropriate to keep the current radio jingle or not. After collecting fans’ opinions on Instagram and Linkedin, we called upon their talents to create the future jingle through a creative contest where entries were made via a Messenger chatbot.

What were your issues before launching your chatbot?

We wanted to organize a contest in a relatively short time frame to respect the timings of the new radio campaign, broadcasted at the end of May. We had a problem hosting the contest and wanted to collect the participants’ data without necessarily developing a dedicated web page. When our contact at Meta suggested a chatbot solution, we were convinced by the simplicity of implementation and by the customization possibilities offered by this technology.

How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

In addition to being an innovative and differentiating mechanism for a contest, it met our technical constraints. But above all, we were able to have a much more playful approach than with a classic form, which was more in line with the MINI universe, which is a social media-friendly and conversational brand. After reflection, this solution was more in line with their editorial line rather than a simple form, rather cold. We were able to tell a story through this chatbot and keep the tone that the brand offers on its social networks.

Moreover, all the steps of this project took place on social networks: poll about the old jingle, election of the winner… So it was coherent to keep a 100% social mechanism for the participation phase too!

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

The company was recommended to us and we are delighted with this collaboration. Botnation managed the custom configuration in record time and accompanied us in all the steps of the creation of this chatbot: from the architecture to the final release. Finally, supporting a French company is always a plus!

You called upon Botnation studio for a turnkey delivery of the chatbot: how did it go?

We provided a brief to Botnation with the basics, they consolidated the path to propose a complete and coherent architecture thanks to their expertise. We could customize everything in a very intuitive way thanks to the back office to which we had access: texts, duration of display of the answers, order of appearance, addition of files (images, gif, audio…) and they knew how to advise us so that the course is the most fluid and the most effective possible.

Video of the chatbot Mini

Are you satisfied with the results?

We exceeded our goals in terms of participation and received very qualitative proposals that allowed MINI to have its new jingle elected by its community. Congratulations to Zacharie Defaut who was unanimously acclaimed, you can discover him here and listen to him on the radio this week!

Staying within the Meta ecosystem, from reading the contest announcement to sending the final jingle, resulted in an excellent retention rate on the game trail and qualified entries. I don’t think we would have had as good results by linking to an external page.

We are proud to have been able to involve the community in building the brand through this social media campaign. The chatbot was able to fit perfectly into the whole operation and certainly contributed to its success thanks to the creative possibilities it offers.

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

My first fear was the lack of technical knowledge, but with a turnkey solution like Botnation, this was not a problem. The implementation of a chatbot is accessible to all.

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