How to easily create an effective chatbot script?

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The conversational scenario of a chatbot is a key element that determines its effectiveness. Therefore, its creation should not be done lightly. It must be done with the greatest care following a certain number of criteria. Discover through this article how to easily create an efficient scenario chatbot.

The conversational scenario of a chatbot: what is it and what is its use?

Chatbot scenarios, also known as chatbot frames, are the steps that define the flow of interactions between a chatbot and its user. They are used to develop a chatbot’s conversations, the way it talks to users and the answers it gives when talking to its interlocutor.

To be more precise, if the chatbot were a human being, its personality would be derived from its conversational scenarios. Therefore, companies have a great interest in taking care of their chatbot’s script. Otherwise, they will have a chatbot, but it will not be effective. Also, the profits that companies hope for may not be achieved.

What benefits can an effective chatbot have for a company?

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When it performs its functions effectively, the benefits of a chatbot for businesses are numerous. Some of them are presented below.

The chatbot allows the improvement of a company’s customer service performance

Being able to hold a conversation with customers or users of a product and provide answers to their requests, the chatbot can be a good support to a physical customer service. It may even surpass it in some respects.

For example, while a chatbot can give automatic responses to customer or user requests at any time, physical customer service will struggle to provide automatic responses to customer or user requests.

This is normal, because a physical customer service is managed by a physical person and not a conversation robot. The latter is devoid of emotions and its ultimate goal is to provide answers to the demands of a company’s customers.

The chatbot allows the loyalty of the customer or the user of a service

If it is effective, a chatbot contributes greatly to the loyalty of the customer or user of a product or service. In fact, chatbots are conversational means that can be used by web companies to reach out to their customers.

As a result, through chatbots, a closer relationship can develop between a customer and his provider. Thanks to this, the customer or product user becomes easier to retain.

The chat bot simplifies the online sales process

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Sometimes a chat bot can even simplify the online sales process. Indeed, a chat bot can be developed to receive orders from a customer and transmit them to the company.

Even better, today, the chat bot is a tool that is able to connect with many payment methods. In a few clicks, customers can order and pay for a product after a chat with a chatbot.

How to easily create chatbot scenarios?

The scenarios that give direction to the conversation between a chatbot and its user (who is usually a company’s customer) are created based on specific rules. To learn about these, all you need to do is take a training course on creating chatbot scenarios.

This is the best way to equip yourself to simply create the frames of a conversational agent. In addition, such training has the advantage of being practical, not exclusively theoretical. Therefore, at the end of the training, you will be able to propose an example of a chatbot scenario made by yourself. However, short of training to easily create your chatbots’ scripts, you can also watch online tutorials or hire a professional who can help you build your chatbot’s conversations.

Which training to choose to create the framework of its chatbot?

To easily create the framework of your chat bot, the Botnation Level 2 training is the one we recommend. It allows you, after a day of training, to define the framework of your chat bot’s conversation, to better manage theartificial intelligence of your conversation tool and to understand the user variables.

The main interest of this training is that it is designed to make you completely autonomous afterwards.

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