FAQ or chatbot: which one to choose for an effective strategy?

FAQ and chatbot

The rapid development of digital technology offers new opportunities to companies. Regardless of the sector, it is necessary to integrate (in your marketing strategy) the new technologies that allow to satisfy the customers or users. Today, it is very difficult for a company to manage customers and offer them all the answers with a classic customer service. In order to give answers to the many customers, the FAQ is of great importance for every user who has questions. In addition, chatbots are used to provide quick answers. What is a chatbot and a FAQ? What should you do to implement a good business strategy?

What is a chatbot?

Questions and issues

The term chat bot actually comes from the English chat which means to discuss and bot which is the abbreviation of robot. It is simply a robot designed to be able to talk naturally in order to give correct answers to the user. The chatbot relies onartificial intelligence and automated responses. This allows it to interact with a customer or user almost like a human. Understanding what a chatbot is is important to use it effectively.

The bot can give written answers by providing a customized solution for each customer. The chatbot can also act as a switchboard or technical advisor available to each user. The chatbot can answer questions and requests from customers on a website. The quality and accuracy of the messages provided are improved with experience and recorded data. The bot can thus communicate answers to basic questions such as rates or about a specific service.

Instead of searching on Google, the user exchanges directly with the virtual agent of the website that is the chatbot. The bot is a pretty effective customer advisor, as it is available 24/7 to help each prospect. This would have been impossible with a physical customer service that would not be present to respond to all requests quickly at any time. For personalized customer requests, the chatbot can simply redirect the customer to the service advisor in question who can find a solution.

A chatbot for business will considerably help the user, but also lighten the workload of the customer service. The latter will be able to concentrate on solving problems and answering the requests of each Internet user.

All this increases the dynamism of the customer service and reassures each user. They know that if they have a question or a problem, they will be able to solve it fairly quickly, always depending on its complexity.

Once up and running, the chatbot can collect important user data. They will be used to define new marketing strategies, but also to improve your customer service according to customers‘ needs. A satisfied user is probably good news for your company.

What is a FAQ?


A FAQ is a space that provides answers to the various questions that customers or prospects often ask.

The dynamic FAQ is an improved version of the static FAQ. It has a search bar and finds answers with keywords entered by the user, a bit like Google. The dynamic FAQ wants to answer customer questions quickly enough from its help center. The latter, in addition to being very fluid, offers the user easier access to the desiredinformation. This way, you don’t have to scroll through all the questions before finding the answers you want. They will be displayed directly below the dynamic FAQ search engine.

The access to these different data related to a product or a service is facilitated by an intuitive tool and a search engine. For an even more interesting result, the FAQ must use machine learning. As with Google, the search engine will find the most requested answers and highlight them. The customer experience is thus improved and the level of satisfaction of each user increases considerably.

What to choose between a FAQ and a chatbot?


Both the FAQ and the chatbot seek to offer a better customer service. But in practice, they are different from each other. So, should you use a faq and a chatbot? While some companies opt for FAQs, others prefer to use a chatbot instead. It is true that the FAQ is flexible and easy to use, but unlike the bot, it cannot chat with the user. Also, it is not easy to have answers for all the questions that are sought. Chatbots are innovative and it is possible to set them up without a line of code. Botnation is one of those platforms that allow you to have your bot associated with your activity.

For more efficiency, why not combine the chatbot and the FAQ? This would certainly be the best thing to do given the benefits that each can offer to customers or users. The chatbot could complete the FAQ and provide the user with answers to his requests. They are simply complementary. For example, a chat window with the chatbot can be available on the FAQ page. The customer will be able to call the chatbot if the FAQ is not precise enough for him. Thus, the customer service will be contacted only in case of a more specific request.

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