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Chatbots have been in fashion for a few years now. It’s no longer just a buzz, but rather real communication tools that are revolutionizing the online business world. Practical for an optimal handling of the customer service, this marketing solution is now a must. However, there are only a few providers that allow you to set up efficient chatbots on the market. It’s hard not to count Botnation among these creative tools, isn’t it? This chatbot creator is aimed at all actors involved in e-commerce and digital communication. You don’t need to be trained to create your conversational bot with this builder. If you would like to know more, please continue reading this article to discover the advantages of this French platform.

Create your online chatbots with ease

The first feature that this chatbot builder puts forward is by far its simplicity. Indeed, when you go to the platform, you will be immediately directed to a dashboard. Then, you will be able to access the software creation interface. This is where you create your conversational agent.

There are two ways to do this. You have the choice between using one of the hundreds of chatbot templates at your disposal or creating your chatbot from scratch. If you choose the first option, you can be sure to get a fully pre-designed and ready-to-use chatbot template. This option is convenient for you if you are not a user with some chatbot experience. All you have to do is choose the template that suits you and you’re done.

As for the second solution, the creation of a virtual chat agent on Botnation is not necessarily conditioned to a particular training or mastery in the field of computer science or artificial intelligence. Even if you have to create the bot tree, you can still get technical support.

Start by defining a welcome message for your prospects. This is the message that will be sent to any new visitor or user on the corporate site. This is the beginning of a possible conversation. To do this, the message must be relevant in order to elicit responses from the visitor.

After this step, you can move on to customizing the chatbot (name, address, gender…). You can also integrate audio and video content to the chat bot to optimize the visual aspect.

Create chatbots with advanced features


Botnation’s offering in artificial intelligence technology is well known in the market. This support for creating chat bots allows the design of chat agents capable of performing given tasks. These are mostly intended for a real agent in principle.

Choosing Botnation as your chatbot builder allows you to enjoy a library of templates that offer powerful technology for your bots. This is a support tool that gives you the possibility to copy a function from a template to your chatbot being created. So you don’t need to write any code to integrate data into your marketing tool or medium.

Some of the features you can integrate into your chat agents include customer service management. However, beyond the mechanical function of the chatbot (sending messages/responding to visitors and prospects), the Botnation builder allows you to create a super intelligent bot . This performance of the bots is essential to improve the user or customer experience on your company’s platform.

Create reliable chatbots

Even if you haven’t thought about it, the security and confidentiality your marketing robot offers is just as important as what you would expect from a real employee. Since this tool is supposed to provide you with continuous support, you need to make sure that the security level of the software is reliable.

Since most of the confidential information related to your business is taken into account by the latter. Botnation offers the possibility to create virtual exchange applications based on code that is extremely difficult to hack. The messages sent by customers through different platforms (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, websites) are therefore safe. The same goes for the responses generated by the virtual chat bot for users.

Be aware that your competitors in bad faith can appropriate your software or standalone application to damage your company’s image. It is therefore wiser to create a chatbot via Botnation for more security.

Moreover, this existence in terms of computer security is particularly important for administrators of information sites. The latter must take the necessary steps to ensure that the content is true, reliable and cannot be modified by third parties.

Create fast chatbots


As a business owner, when you choose to automate your services, the main risk you need to avoid is the lack of responsiveness. For example, if thevirtual conversation agent does not respond quickly to customer messages, customers may prefer to switch to other, relatively more dynamic providers.

To do this, your chatbot must be able to receive and process several prospects at once without keeping its interlocutors waiting. This is the objective of the implementation of conversational agents in companies. Botnation provides you with tools that are as powerful as they are responsive. Moreover, you do not need to create the tree structure of your software yourself before giving your bot this capability.

Create your chatbots for free

The other particularity of Botnation is that it offers free services for the creation of chatbots. Indeed, the users of this web platform have the choice between paid and free services. You can test the tool for free and then upgrade to a paid version if you want to make the most of it, whether on your website or on messaging services such as WhatsApp or messenger.

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