What is an SMS chatbot? Create one with Botnation

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Less known than the classic chatbot, the SMS chatbot is a very practical artificial intelligence tool developed for e-commerce companies. Its creation can be done on a multitude of simple platforms, among which is Botnation. Discover here the particularities of the SMS chatbot and the process to create one on Botnation.

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What is an SMS chatbot?

The SMS chatbot corresponds, like the classic bot, to a conversational tool ofartificial intelligence programmed to hold a conversation with its user by SMS in the most natural language possible. It communicates in several languages through messages with its users, who are generally the customers or prosperous of a company. It can be used for a variety of purposes in a company.

Examples of SMS chatbot use in companies

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Today, SMS chatbots can have many uses in a company. Some examples of uses are provided below.

The use of the SMS chatbot to communicate with offline customers via text messages

Despite the advancement of the digital sector and the increase in the use of applications, many people around the world are not connected to the internet. Either by personal choice or for the sake of discretion. They still have a cell phone through which they can exchange messages. A company with an SMS chatbot will therefore be able to hold conversations with them, by text messages, as it does with its customers connected to the Internet. This will add to its customer service and improve theuser experience for its customers. Indeed, a customer who is not connected will be satisfied to see that a particular interest is taken in his place and that he can also by messages formulate requests at any time and receive answers from the customer service.

The use of SMS chatbot to make effective promotions

The customers or users of a service are only a part of the customers of a company. That said, in order to run effective promotions and reach all customers, or users of a service, it is important to find a way to reach the offline customers. This is exactly what the SMS chatbot is for.

Using chatbots to optimize customer service

Customer service, whether it’s generating message conversations with online users or offline users, needs to be dynamic. This is possible thanks to the SMS chatbot. It automatically processes message requests from customers and provides a simple response. This allows for the optimization of customer service and improves the user experience of the service user.

What advantages does the SMS chatbot offer compared to the classic web chatbot?

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The SMS chatbot has many advantages over traditional web chatbots for businesses. What are they?

  • Accessibility: not everyone has a phone connected to the internet, but everyone has a cell phone through which they can hold a conversation by message. The SMS chat bot allows companies to make their customer service as accessible as possible to this type of customer
  • Autonomy: the SMS chat bot, capable of holding a conversation with its user by message, is a simple conversational robot. Unlike web chatbots, this tool does not need to be associated with a website or a messaging application to work
  • Cost : a message chat bot is not much more expensive than a web chat bot

How to create an SMS chatbot with Botnation?

To create a sms chatbot on Botnation, you have two possibilities. The first is the creation of a chatbot with Sendinblue and the other without Sendinblue. No matter which option you choose, Botnation gives you the opportunity to build your chatbot in record time by following simple steps. These are detailed on the Botnation help platform. And if you encounter any difficulties, you can always ask your questions via the Botnation chat bot which is available with guaranteed service day and night. In addition to the bot support, to better understand the creation of chatbots with Sendinblue and without Sendinblue, there is a range of training offered by Botnation that you can follow. These are divided by levels and will allow you to design a French, English, German, and even Spanish chatbot in record time.

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