RCS chatbots: the SMS marketing revolution?

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Have you ever tried to effectively attract your customers’ attention? They often don’t read emails or answer calls. While you’re trying to establish a dialogue between your company and your customer, you’re not succeeding. The solution? Integrate directly with their internal messaging service! This is the role of the RCS chatbot. You communicate with your customers via RCS, the new SMS. It’s the promise of multiple automated conversations! Want to find out more about this messaging method? Click here.

What is the RCS?

RCS, Rich Communication Services, is designed to enrich the telephone messaging experience. It offers a host of multimedia and interactive features previously unavailable in simple SMS messages.

For example, the RCS format allows :

  • Send multimedia content such as images, videos, GIFs and audio files
  • Real-time geolocation
  • The use of interactive buttons, quick responses and integrated forms.

For Android, RCS is a feature similar to iMessage on the iPhone.

The RCS conversational assistant goes far beyond the limits of conventional SMS. It enables a more immersive, interactive and personalized messaging experience. Exchanges between companies and their customers are more efficient and engaging. The RCS chatbot is a digital marketing tool in the making!

The advantages of RCS over conventional SMS

Chatbot SMS

The switch to RCS is changing the way companies interact with their customers. It offers users an enriched experience thanks to the new formats available. Communication is visually captivating and immersive, with images, videos or audio.

The RCS conversational bot offers enhanced interactivity. Companies can integrate action buttons, drop-down menus and even interactive maps into their messages. This simplifies navigation and gives users the opportunity to respond quickly without leaving the conversation. They feel involved in a real discussion with the RCS chatbot.

Direct access via the usual SMS applications guarantees optimum visibility. Customers don’t need to download third-party applications. RCS message read rates soar.

Personalization is a major asset of the RCS chatbot. Companies can tailor messages to their target audience’s preferences. Customers are offered a tailor-made user experience. You hold the key to their loyalty!

An RCS chatbot can enable you to reach your customers directly in their usual SMS application, with instant messaging functionalities.

RCS virtual assistants provide direct access to the company. Customers stay within their usual SMS application, in a familiar space. This accessibility enables companies to reach their targets where they already are. They no longer lose leads because of the need to download a new application.

The strength of the RCS conversational bot lies in its ability to use instant messaging functionalities within SMS applications. It establishes fluid, responsive conversations with users. It integrates interactive elements and writes in natural language. You’re guaranteed to get feedback from your readers.

This approach fosters customer engagement, in addition to offering a new conversational experience. Responses are immediate and interactions natural. By exploiting the functionalities of instant messaging, the RCS chatbot becomes the perfect tool for creating personalized, effective exchanges between AI and users. Customer relations and corporate image are strengthened.

Reaching your customers directly in their phone’s messaging system is the promise made by RCS chatbots. Better conversion rates and increased loyalty are the results of this innovative and enriched messaging technique. Create your RCS chatbot now with Botnation’s no-code interface.

Amandine Carpentier

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