Easily create a chatbot for your restaurant with Botnation

Have you considered integrating a chatbot into your restaurant website? Thehotel industry is a very labor-intensive business. You don’t have the time to respond to recurring requests from Internet users. Your restaurant’s chatbot does it for you! It manages customer service and reservations for your establishment. Discover all the services a virtual assistant can provide.

Why have a chatbot for your restaurant?

Integrating a conversational bot for your restaurant automates certain interactions with your customers. Accessibility is instant for them, with personalized conversations. Managing questions and answers is simplified for you.

Opening hours

Your customers have easy access to your restaurant’s opening hours, without having to wait for an answer on the phone. The chatbot responds quickly and efficiently to this frequent request.


Your establishment is easily and precisely located on an interactive map thanks to the virtual assistant. Provide the full address of your restaurant and make it easy for your customers to find you.


Present your menus via chatbot. Your customers can browse your offers. Their mouths are already watering when they walk through the door of your restaurant!

Photo gallery of à la carte dishes

Grab the attention of potential customers by sharing photos of your dishes. The chatbot delivers a tantalizing visual preview of the experience they could have.

Table reservation

Facilitate the table reservation process by allowing your customers to book directly via the chatbot. Artificial intelligence takes care of this time-consuming task for you!


Offer a quick and easy to-go ordering function via chatbot. It’s the convenience and efficiency you offer your busy customers. And all fully automated for you!

With a conversational bot dedicated to your restaurant, you free up your time. It responds in natural language to web users’ requests. It manages the customer experience and frequent requests. You can devote yourself fully to your cooking.

Create your restaurant chatbot now with Botnation, and deploy it on your website and social networks!

Chatbot restaurant

The creation of customized virtual agents is now just a click away, thanks to Botnation AI’s intuitive no-code platform. Your customers benefit from an interactive, personalized experience available 24/7.

In just a few simple steps, you can configure and customize your own conversational assistant to meet the specific needs of your establishment. Take a look at this demo of the Botnation restaurant chatbot, you’ll be convinced!

Once created, all you need to do is deploy your conversational bot on your website. By also integrating this service on your social networks like your Facebook page, Messenger or Instagram account, you increase your online presence.

Virtual assistants are also taking over messaging applications. You give your customers maximum accessibility, whatever channel they prefer. A more pleasant user experience.

Botnation AI helps you create a chatbot for your restaurant. But that’s not all! We also offer advanced features such as :

  • Link to your customer database (CRM)
  • Notifications (email or SMS) for each reservation.

Our turnkey solution frees you from the technical constraints that could hold you back in the evolution of your digital marketing strategy. By delegating part of your communication to a chatbot, you stay focused on the essentials: offering your customers an exceptional taste experience. With Botnation AI, your chatbot strengthens your customer relations, optimizes your productivity and sets you apart from the competition.

Adding an intelligent conversational bot to your restaurant’s website is a major asset for building customer loyalty. This robot will also help you convert new visitors! You’ll gain time, customers and brand recognition.

Create your restaurant chatbot now with Botnation! It’s quick and easy.

Amandine Carpentier

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