Top 10 Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a kind of essential strategy to use when you want to save time and attract your customers in an effective way. The use of this solution allows you to send an email, a SMS or notifications to your customers, but also to schedule publications on social networks. Thanks to the marketing automation features, a company has the possibility toautomate various actions. In addition, with this tool, you can save your time and become more productive.

Marketing automation is a tool that frames all software and business processes that allow companies to automate repetitive tasks. The objective of this solution is to establish a pre-designed marketing strategy to entice customers to invest in a specific purchase. As a result, the company can materialize with customers through a series of personalized emails or lead scoring. In a way, we can consider marketing automation as an evolved classic autoresponder.

On the web, there are countless marketing automation software that offer various features. In this case, it is imperative to choose among the best solutions to enjoy a convenient and efficient service.

Focus on the 10 best marketing automation software of the moment.

What are the advantages of Chatbot in the marketing automation sector?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbot have enjoyed a real facelift in the web world. Generally, chatbots are digital assistants that work with a large amount of data that allows them to better serve their customer and drive sales. When a chatbot is coupled with your marketing automation strategy, it can offer the following benefits to your business:

  • Improve customer relations;
  • Boosting individual customer engagement;
  • Monitor consumer data.

Improve customer relations

If you are struggling to establish direct contact with your prospects, setting up a chatbot in your marketing automation software allows you to improve your customer relationship. Thanks to chatbots, you can indeed be creative within your company. By collaborating with an intelligent robot, you will have full control over the flow of conversations with your prospects. For all companies, customer relations is a job that needs to be developed and perfected. Thus, when a chatbot is coupled with your marketing automation tool, you can perfectly establish direct contact with your prospects.

Stimulate the commitment of each customer

By allowing you to establish direct contact with customers, chatbots can boost the engagement of every prospect within companies. In an instant way, a chatbot allows you to establish real-time conversations with your customer. Compared to the traditional telephone answering machine, chatbots are a considerable improvement, as they are not limited in terms of understanding. These instantaneous contacts are the ones that contribute to increasing your customers’ engagement on your website.

Monitor consumer data

To provide you with more information about your customers’ habits, chatbots can also monitor with data about your consumers. Moreover, in your marketing automation strategy, you have the possibility to program your chatbot in a way that it respects your parameters such as :

  • Search Terms;
  • Prospect Engagement;
  • User satisfaction;
  • Buying habits of each customer.

Therefore, instead of wasting time checking chat history and website data, using a chatbot is a much easier and faster solution that bounces back quickly and efficiently to your customers’ queries.

What are the 10 best marketing automation software?

As mentioned above, there are countless marketing automation software that offer various features on the web. As a result, it is difficult to choose a marketing automation software that meets the specific needs of companies. On the web, here are the top 10 marketing automation software you can choose from:



To satisfy the marketing automation solution of businesses, LeadSquared is one of the best emailing tools that offer the following features:

  • Workflow programming;
  • Automation, management and sending of emails;
  • Contact segmentation;
  • Programming of landing pages;
  • Installation of lead scoring.

In addition, this emailing tool has an API that allows it to link to social networks or messaging solutions (SMS).


Marketo is also in the list of the best marketing automation solutions specifically designed for large companies. A software that offers various functionalities, Marketo can intervene in :

  • Mobile marketing solution;
  • Contact segmentation;
  • Lead Management;
  • Email marketing campaigns.

Marketo is also a platform that allows you to easily create multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Designed in 100% French version, ActiveTrail is an emailing tool that is in the list of the best marketing automation software. The automation of a marketing strategy with this emailing tool is quite simple, as this software is based on the “drag & drop” technique that allows you to create campaigns to maximize your conversions. In terms of marketing automation, here are the features offered by this emailing tool:

  • Answering machine automation;
  • Dynamic contact segmentation;
  • Predictive sending (allows you to send your campaigns at the right time) ;
  • Varied marketing platform (emails, SMS, social networks…);
  • Creation of landing pages.


For small businesses, Keap is the best marketing automation tool that fits their needs. Its functionality is based on the “drag & drop” technique, which makes the software easy to use. This software allows you to create marketing scenarios to personalize your campaigns. With Keap, you have the possibility to perform tests to identify your best performing emails. Besides the marketing automation features, you will have at your disposal a payment and invoice management tool.


In the marketing automation tools market, HubSpot is in the list of giants. With HubSpot’s features, you can combine multiple solutions for complete automation of your marketing strategy:

  • Manage your contacts with HubSpot CRM;
  • Converting leads with HubSpot Marketing;
  • Improve your sales performance with HubSpot Sales;
  • Optimize your customer relationship with HubSpot Services.

Thanks to the tracking of emails, contacts and prospects, this solution can perfectly give you access to very detailed data.


A platform designed in 100% French version, Plezi is a marketing automation software that is able to intelligently distribute your content to help you acquire leads. By choosing Plezi, you will be offered several features:

  • Email and landing page campaign management;
  • Publication of campaigns on social networks;
  • Detailed analysis of emails, content and conversions.

Unlike other marketing automation software, Plezi offers personalized support for beginners in the industry.

Oracle Marketing

Oracle Marketing is also on the list of must-have tools on the market. This solution is part of the software that allows you to effectively track the behavior of your prospects across multiple platforms, and then send them your offer by email, SMS or directly on mobile. Compared to other tools, Oracle Marketing is somewhat complex, but it is still one of the most powerful programs on the market.


On the marketing automation tools market, Webmecanik is one of the 100% French software. Compared to other tools, Webmecanik can be integrated with many other solutions such as PrestaShop or Eventbrite. Thanks to Webmecanik, you have the possibility to convert your leads easily and quickly. On the platform, the basic functionalities present are :

  • Sending emails, SMS or automatic push notifications;
  • Contact segmentation;
  • Implementation of lead scoring.

In addition, you also have the possibility to test the sending of your emails and benefit from a customized assistance.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Formerly known as Pardot, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a marketing automation software that offers various features for B2B companies. Indeed, this software not only offers emailing campaign automation, but the tool also offers other basic functionalities such as Adwords campaign tracking and natural referencing of web content. Other highlights of this marketing automation software include:

  • Setting up a lead scoring system;
  • Integration of a calendar ;
  • API access.


This software is usually a CRM that offers a marketing automation solution for small companies. Compared to other tools on the market, this software offers low-cost services for VSEs and SMEs. On the other hand, even though Agile CRM is a lower cost solution, it contains an email campaign, customer relationship and mobile marketing system.

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