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A good relationship between the client and the company is essential for the establishment to function well. This is true regardless of the activities that are carried out on a daily basis. Customer services alone are no longer able to manage the growing customer base. Thus, the chatbot called Agile CRM is a new way to ensure the management of the relationship. It is a software that has multiple functionalities at the great service of the customers. It is a tool that companies can have to improve their marketing in one way or another. Learn how Agile CRM helps build a good relationship between customers and users.

What is Agile CRM?

The Agile CRM is a chat bot specially designed for a particular use of companies. It is a tool that includes software with several features. As a result, Agile CRM can manage sales and customer service for the same company. This technological support is also used by the marketing department. The Agile CRM, thanks to its powerful software, ensures an efficient management of the platform. Personalization, such as that offered by Botnation, is made possible to reach as many customers as necessary.

From then on, a marketing strategy can be quickly put in place for the development of the company. The management of each customer’s contacts is also easier to perform. Agile CRM allows the company to do everything in an automated way and save time. The opinions of the users of this software are mostly positive, which attests to its effectiveness.

What are the features of Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is a crm software that allows you to perform multiple tasks. These different features of this support allow the structure to optimize its performance.

Marketing management

Marketing management is one of the first functionalities that Agile CRM has. Indeed, it is a quick way to do this task. The software on which Agile CRM is based ensures that the campaign is tailored to the company. This is done in two distinct formats. A campaign is done by sending emails to the customers listed by the company. The second format consists of sending an SMS to each of their contacts.

Agile CRM gives customers the ability to respond to messages sent. Afterwards, this software will make a very precise analysis of each notice received to improve the marketing service. Thus, a strategy that suits the needs of the customer will be adopted by the company using Agile CRM.

Customer support

Customer service management is also part of the functionalities that are attributed to the Agile CRM. This function is made possible by the integration of a specific software. The latter acts as a support to assist the company’s customers who are facing any problem. The Agile CRM relieves the physical team, which is sometimes overwhelmed. The software is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to better deal with certain situations. These are classified and resolved according to the order of priority previously established in the system.

Agile CRM is even more effective in the sense that it reports on customer reviews and anything that has been resolved. They can be consulted by the company’s human resources managers to make service improvements. This way, customers will get satisfaction after their request on the platform.

Meeting table

Project and contact management

Managing projects undertaken by the company is part of the capabilities of Agile CRM. Indeed, through tables and curves, you can easily follow its progress. The company no longer needs to hire a team to do this work. Agile CRM has the same efficiency as a physical staff. Speaking of its features, it manages the company’s contacts. This process is quite intuitive and is done in a very short time.

Contacts can be imported through several sources that Agile CRM has. This import allows you to better organize your contacts according to well-defined criteria. In this way, specific actions can be taken on particular customers. All this with reference to the database of people who benefit from the company’s services. It is a formidable solution that gives a certain added value to the user.

What are the benefits of Agile CRM?

Agile CRM has many benefits to the company that uses it. This is what allows him to have positive opinions on the quality of his service to customers.

Ease of installation

The first advantage of Agile CRM is that it is easy to install for any company that wants to use it. When the software is installed, you will have to create a user account for the structure. The opening is simple and completely free, regardless of the company’s field of activity. All you have to do is follow the instructions that will appear on the platform. To make it much easier to use, Agile CRM has put in place a little help. This is a few minutes video that gives you the overview of its different features. After a few minutes, you can easily manipulate the software to insert the necessary data.

Affordable cost

Agile CRM is not only beneficial in the sense of use. It has financial advantages, in that it is not expensive to acquire. This means that a new company can afford to acquire it without any problems. It can benefit from Agile CRM without paying a single cent.

The cost will increase progressively as the contacts increase. If you are planning to expand your structure, you will need to prepare a budget for this. Even in this case, the monthly costs do not exceed fifty euros.

Relief for the staff

It is important to note that Agile CRM takes a lot of the burden off the staff. Indeed, it is a tool capable of doing the work of employees in record time. This with the same or better efficiency than the physical service in place. This will allow them to do other productive tasks for the facility.

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