3 new indispensable customer relationship tools

Customer loyalty depends on good customer relations. Fortunately, today there are many marketing solutions available to you to strengthen and improve your customer relationship. Currently, new customer relationship tools are emerging. These new tools can help the marketing development of a company. Only three of them will be discussed, as they are very advantageous for your customer management. These are the chatbot, the knowledge base and the survey. What makes these customer relationship tools so special? Find out in the following lines.

1. The chatbot: an indispensable customer management software

One of the most powerful tools for building customer loyalty is the chatbot. Acting as a CRM software, they contribute to the improvement of the customer experience and thus naturally to the customer relationship. To better understand its importance, you need to understand its purpose and how it works.

Chatbot : definition

Still called virtual conversational agent, the chatbot is an automatic program designed to answer questions from prospects or customers in real time. Note that the exchanges are done by text messages. For example, your company sells tiles for interior or exterior use.

You can program a chatbot on your site to invite visitors to answer guiding questions like, “Are you looking for wall covering?” or “Are you looking for kitchen tiles?” Depending on the programming of the software, you will be able to lead the prospect to the product he is looking for or to make an appointment.

How important is the chatbot in customer relations?

If chatbots are effective customer retention tools, it’s because they allow customers to get answers to their questions without waiting in line. With today’s consumers looking for reactivity, autonomy and dynamism, the integration of this CRM software in its marketing strategy is essential.

By offering the customer the ability to submit requests or concerns and have them responded to instantly, you are significantly improving the customer experience. Moreover, by integrating an AI in your chatbot, the latter will be able to interact in a natural way with your consumers.

With this powerful CRM tool, you personalize the conversation, strengthening the bond between the customer and your brand. Apart from these particularities, the use of a conversational agent is recommended for several other reasons:

  • Improved personalization of the customer relationship
  • 24/7 availability of the conversational agent
  • Optimization of your company’s customer support workload
  • Reduction of customer service costs
  • Continuously improving tools thanks toartificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Collect and store customer data for your marketing strategy
  • Increase the conversion rate by encouraging the customer to take action, etc.

Are you looking for a way to better serve your customers without having to hire more staff? Simply opt for the chatbot. Today, there are many platforms specialized in the creation of efficient AI chatbots. So consider using their expertise to develop your business.

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2. The knowledge base: the marketing tool to improve customer satisfaction

The knowledge base is a collection of articles or documents centralized to help customers find answers to their questions on their own. This is usually data that is disseminated to customers or potential customers who may need it to solve their problems. What are the reasons for using a knowledge base?

Data collection tool

With a knowledge base, your company will not only be able to satisfy customer concerns in real time, but also to collect, organize and retrieve data on its target. This represents a major asset for perfecting your marketing strategy in order to improve your customer relations.

More convenient and faster for your customers

As mentioned above, consumers now expect companies to be more responsive in their customer services. Knowing that it can be difficult for a human to be immediately available, the knowledge base proves to be more satisfying for customers.

By posting data or information about your products or services on your site, you allow customers to get answers to their questions without having to wait for your customer service. As a result, thecustomer experience is positive and the customer relationship is improved.

Easy to set up

To set up a knowledge base, you need to start by listing the questions your customers usually ask. Refer to your customer service team or comments on your social networks. Once you have identified the issues, all you need to do is to deliver high-value content related to the topics.

Make sure that the scenarios are personalized so that your target feels involved in the message. Today, video tutorials are very popular for their circumstantial and enriching aspects.

3. The satisfaction questionnaire

To optimize the quality of your customer service, the questionnaire remains the best tool to evaluate the satisfaction of your customers. With this marketing solution, you can collect feedback from your customers about their experience and opinion of your company.

By submitting questionnaires on social networks, you will be able to identify the weak points of your company’s services. This data will then be used to improve the customer journey to refine your relationship with your audience.

Based on the complaints received, you will know what type of changes to make in your business for better consumer satisfaction. It may be a matter of hiring more people for customer service or implementing an automated ordering system to simplify the customer’s task.

In summary, self-care tools remain the most recommended options for customer relations. However, you need to make sure that the CRM software of your choice is powerful enough to meet your consumers’ expectations. For best results, it is recommended to customize your marketing tool according to the customer journey of your audience.

Amandine Carpentier

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