How to measure customer satisfaction? What tools?

The main objective of a company is the satisfaction of all customers. That is why it carries out the necessary actions to achieve this important goal. To get an idea of the customer satisfaction rate, the use of certain tools is more than essential. They will act as indicators and give a general overview of what is and is not going well in the customer experience. This will allow the company to improve the service delivered to them. This will be to its greatest advantage. Here are the tools that allow you to effectively measure customer satisfaction in your company.

The chatbot: a tool to measure customer satisfaction

The first way to measure the satisfaction of a company’scustomers is to use a chatbot. This is done through a careful survey that is conducted with a virtual conversational agent. To effectively measure customer satisfaction via chat on your website, it is recommended to use Botnation.

Thanks to this conversational robot, your company’s customer will be able to give his opinion in a more precise way. Thus, the answers will be more likely to situate you on its satisfaction.

Botnation allows you to put forward reactions to the different opinions that are given. The company’s customers will feel that their intervention is really taken into account. This type of survey is usually based on statistical data to obtain customer satisfaction. The chatbot collects the score that is given by the customers to the company.

This, with or without the use of NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) during the operation. This is where the analysis will start to measure the satisfaction rate. When a customer’s score is within the average, the chatbot sends him a positive feedback. However, if it is below the average rate, it is transferred to a site. There, he will have to give more details about the score he has given to the company.

The customer satisfaction questionnaire

The customer satisfaction questionnaire is an alternative to the use of the chatbot to develop this assessment. It is one of the most effective tools to measure customer satisfaction. This measure is not only about the quality of the company, but also about its services. It is an indicator that shows the real rate of satisfaction of your customers.

The questionnaire is nothing more than a collection of questions to be answered. It can be administered in two different ways. The first is to put the questionnaire in paper form and distribute it to your customers. At the end of the collection, an evaluation will be done to determine the score.

It is the latter that will highlight the satisfaction rate of each customer. If you are unable to answer the form in person, you can do so by telephone. A conversational agent will take care of the notes. It is important to note that the questionnaire must contain both closed and open questions.

This way, the treatment after the return goes much more smoothly. To have a more concrete result, you can associate the questionnaire with the Net Promoter Score. The NPS is an indicator that allows us to investigate the feelings of customers. The measurement of satisfaction will therefore be more accurate.

The suggestion box

The suggestion box is also a tool to measure the satisfaction rate. Although many people feel that it is no longer fashionable, its effectiveness remains intact. It is a box that allows you to collect opinions or recommendations about your company. Customers can simply slide the paper with everything on it into the box. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources team to count the votes.

An overall assessment will be made to identify the opinions that are positive or negative to the company’s services. Based on these satisfaction indicators, an improvement will be initiated in the company. The main advantage of this tool is that it collects opinions in a completely anonymous way. Customers express themselves as naturally as possible, leading to good results.

In addition, you receive the notices in a time frame that is not too long. However, the suggestion box faces a major drawback. It is very rarely used by the company’s customers. Measuring the satisfaction rate will therefore not be an easy task.

Customer satisfaction interview

The interview with indicators

The interview ensures the measurement of the customer’s satisfaction with your company. It allows you to get more in-depth opinions from them through a discussion. When the interview guide includes satisfaction indicators, it is even better. Indeed, they will allow to have a better appreciation of the opinions of each customer. The most common indicators are the NPS and CSAT.

These are effective when used in an interview. To do this with an indicator, you obviously need the intervention of a professional. He will be able to ask the different questions without aggressing the customer thanks to his experience. One important thing to know is that each indicator category provides specific information. The NPS and CSAT, for example, do not provide the same data from the customer.

At the end of the interview, thanks to the satisfaction indicators, you will come out with all the information on the customer’s satisfaction. However, a client who is busy is not likely to be able to answer all questions well. The reason is that the procedure is probably a bit long. The customer will have to make the effort to be really patient.

The mystery shopper

To measure your company’s customer satisfaction, you can use a tool called the mystery shopper. Contrary to its name, its implementation is simple and effective. Simply call on customers who have tested your company’s services. They will then have to give their opinion on the tests carried out. This information will be taken by your company’s customer service department.

The result will be the overall satisfaction rate, but also strategies to improve the company’s services. By using a mystery shopper, you are guaranteed to get honest answers. Despite its various advantages, this method has a serious disadvantage. This is the investment cost , which is not insignificant.

Amandine Carpentier

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