5 tools to assess customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for any company that wants to prosper. This is why most of them now use numerous tools that allow them to evaluate customer satisfaction at any time. What are these tools and how are they used to measure customer satisfaction? We tell you everything in this article.

The customer satisfaction questionnaire

The customer satisfaction questionnaire is a tool to measure the level of customer satisfaction with the products or services offered by a company. It is structured in a set of questions (open and closed) elaborated according to objectives or information that the company would like to collect from its customers.

The customer satisfaction questionnaire is usually developed as part of a customer satisfaction survey. It is distributed in the form of an online or paper form, by phone, by email or via a chatbot. The latter is the most effective way to reach a large number of customers in a very short time.

The chatbot facilitates the distribution, but also the processing of the information collected from the customer satisfaction survey. The questionnaire is a customer satisfaction measurement tool that is very simple to develop and easy to distribute. On top of that, it requires almost no budget.

Nevertheless, it is a tool that does not always provide huge returns, especially when it is distributed in a standard way.

The mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a customer satisfaction measurement tool through which an individual is asked to test the services and products of a company. The latter acts incognito and then writes a report on his consumer experience. Based on the information provided by the mystery shopper, the company can decide on a measure to implement to improve its product or service.

Generally, companies call upon companies specialized in the field to help them find a mystery shopper or they launch a recruitment campaign to find one. The number of mystery shoppers can vary depending on your needs and the information you require.

A mystery shopper can be asked to test the products in a store, the food in a restaurant or the experience offered by a franchise. This measurement tool allows us to obtain frank, honest, but above all objective feedback because the managers of the various establishments do not know the mystery shopper.

However, it should be noted that the use of this service can sometimes be costly and be viewed negatively by employees.

Customer satisfaction

The Smiley terminal

It is a tool that allows you to measure customer satisfaction while they are still with the company. They can answer a question about their experience or opinion of the company’s products and services at the touch of a button. The answer to the question is purely anonymous and the response system is simple and fast.

The customer even has the option of leaving a comment after giving a negative rating. Some companies specialize in designing survey kiosks for businesses. They provide information about the area of the company where the company would like to measure customer satisfaction and design the kiosk for them.

The latter can be placed at the entrance of a store to measure the quality of the reception, within the store to measure the quality of the service or in the sanitary areas to measure the level of cleanliness. Once the responses are recorded, the results of the survey are sent directly to the company that requested it.

The company can use them to improve its service or product. Although the survey terminal is a quick and inexpensive tool, it is important to note that it is rather limited due to the fact that it generally only allows you to ask a single closed question.

The qualitative interview

It is a tool for collecting data on an individual or group of individuals using an interview guide. The interview allows us to collect the customer’s expectations and needs directly from them, and to understand their experience with the brand and their level of satisfaction. The interview can be used, for example, at the time of a change or an innovation in the company to find out what the customers think.

It can also be carried out when the company notices a drop in its activity to understand the causes of the problem by questioning the customers. The qualitative interview essentially allows for the collection of qualitative data. It must therefore be performed by an expert in the field.

He or she must be able to put the customer at ease and have a clear and relaxed discussion with him or her. His interview guide should include a number of themes around which he can organize his questions. These must be kept simple and easy to understand for the customer to get the answers they need.

Companies that make the effort to develop customer satisfaction interviews have the opportunity to collect rich and relevant analysis. They are able to understand the needs of their customers. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that the use of this tool requires a real effort in terms of budget and time.

Fortunately, it is always possible to arrange an interview in the form of a chat exchange using a chatbot. The latter will be responsible for asking open-ended questions to give the client the opportunity to express himself freely. It would look more like a questionnaire, but you can reach more people.

Measurement indicators

Measurement indicators allow companies to better understand the level of satisfaction of their customers. The most used are 4:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  2. The Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  3. The Customer Effort Score (CES).

The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is an indicator that allows you to measure your customers’ level of satisfaction with the company’s products and services or with the experience it offers. The Net Promoter Score is most commonly used to measure customer loyalty. It allows you to better understand the client’s predisposition to include you in their recommendations.

The NPS is directly linked to the behavioral aspect of customer satisfaction. As for the Customer Effort Score, it measures the effort the customer had to make to obtain satisfaction. Thus, it allows the company to better see the fluidity and accessibility of its offers.

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