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With the current scale of digital commerce, the use of a CRM is a must. Indeed, this marketing tool allows to analyze the behavior of customers and to anticipate their next actions or reactions. Coupling it with chatbots is a solution that only optimizes your chances of acquiring leads and retaining customers. So if you use Pega CRM, you can connect it to a chatbot. Discover here some reasons why you should make such a choice.

Pega CRM: What is it?

In recent years, salespeople are making use of solutions that allow them to automate tasks in their company’s sales process. Whether you offer a service or a product, the use of a CRM (customer relationship management) will be necessary.

On the market, CRMs are quite numerous, which does not limit you in your choices. Among the most effective, you will find Pega. It is a SaaS CRM implemented by Pegasystems. Indeed, the functionalities of this management software are focused on sales, marketing and customer service.

This marketing strategy management solution allows you, for example, to anticipate your customers’ actions. To put it simply, Pega analyzes their behavior to suggest to users what actions to take to get the most out of an interaction. The operation of Pega is then based on a prediction concept.

Depending on the customer’s journey, this crm defines whether to send information to the customer, give him a discount or propose a specific offer. For sales optimization, the software will collect data on users in order to provide them with adapted offers.

Although Pega is the ideal crm software, it is especially suitable for large companies. However, size is not the only factor to consider. In fact, organizations whose customers have fairly complex formulations will benefit from installing Pega. This is the case, for example, for insurance and health services. Its business process management (BPM) approach is a strong point for these types of companies.

How much does the software cost?

The price of Pega varies depending on the features the company needs. Thus, it is not fixed. In your process, you will need to ask Pegasystems or the suppliers for a clearer idea of the rates.

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Can I use Pega software for free?

Pega is a software that cannot be used for free by commercials or companies, even if it is the case for others. Nevertheless, it is possible to enjoy a free version after a certain period of time. In practice, this period ranges from 15 to 30 days depending on the conditions. Moreover, the free version is not a complete software. Indeed, the functionalities are limited, which does not allow you to take advantage of your management solution.

How would installing a chatbot on Pega be beneficial?

Chatbots are useful software in a company’s sales pipeline. To better understand how they work, it is necessary to know what they are. Indeed, a chatbot as its name indicates is a robot designed to converse with customers. Originally, the first models allowed you to chat with prospects, but with a limited scope of action. They could not understand certain requests when they were more specific or complex.

Subsequently, this intelligent software has gained ground. These are designed to understand user requests more clearly. Therefore, the deployment of these is more useful than the first models. Using Pega as a CRM, many salespeople may wonder what the point of installing a chatbot is.

A useful facility for acquiring new prospects

A prospect looking for information could land on your website or your showcase site. From then on, he will try to save time in his research process. When he contacts a company through its website, the latter must be able to answer his questions appropriately.

This is what the chatbot allows you to do. The tool brings a more advanced level of understanding to customer requests. Since it is based on artificial intelligence, its deployment will allow you to gain new prospects and retain your current customers.

A way to get closer to the customer

Chatbots are software that allow you to get closer to your customers. Real-time discussion capabilities are a loyalty driver you may not even know is there. Indeed, these marketing tools are able to talk to your customers at any time.

Similarly, language is not a barrier in the customer journey since conversational robots can understand different languages. As you can imagine, connecting a chatbot to your Pega CRM will be useful to keep your company close to your customers. Here, the customer’s shopping experience is enhanced.

Useful solutions to save time

The use of a chatbot allows a company’s after-sales service to free itself from certain traditional tasks. This will allow them to focus on more relevant actions and let the robots take care of the customers. In fact, they can discuss in complete autonomy.

Connecting CRM (Customer Relation Management) to a chatbot: what possibilities?

Given the many benefits of chatbots, you’ll benefit from connecting them to your Pega CRM. In most cases, you can make use of a chatbot whose acquisition cost depends on its efficiency. On the market, the prices for the acquisition of this software are between 500 and 2000 euros. The more features you have on board, the more the price changes accordingly. Therefore, you must take the advice of other users to decide on the terms offered.

Reviews don’t just tell you about prices. You will be able to have a panoramic view on the relevance of the choice of a software of this type according to your field of activity.

It is also possible to develop your own conversation software. Botnation is a platform that offers you this possibility. Indeed, there is no need to take a training course in advance, as no coding experience is required. You can set up your chatbot on the Botnation website and connect it to your Pega CRM using specially designed plug-ins.

The conversation software that Botnation allows you to create is based on artificial intelligence. From then on, you can set up tools that will be real solutions in managing your marketing strategies.

What are the alternatives to Pega software?

In your quest to improve customer relations, you can choose other alternatives to Pega. The latter can be more interesting in terms of price or depending on the embedded features. You can choose software such as Zoho, Kpulse, Idylis, Nutrium, to name a few.

In fact, you will not be limited in your choices. To make the best choice, you can use online comparators. These allow you to have strong opinions. They compare the different alternatives, allowing you to choose the software that will meet your needs.

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