Conversational robot: definition, advantages, what use?

Conversational robot

The conversational robot is a solution developed to facilitate online interactions between companies and their customers. A true pillar of digital marketing, it has many advantages and can be used for various purposes. Discover here the possible uses of a chatbot and its advantages.

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What is a conversational robot?

What is a chatbot or conversational agent? This is the question that many people ask themselves without having precise answers. However, chatbots and conversational robots are very easy concepts to understand.

In fact, better known as chatbot, the conversational robot is a conversation software based onartificial intelligence. It is programmed to converse in natural language with the user of a website while providing answers to his concerns. It is usually associated with a website, or an instant messaging platform. It gradually replaces a physical conversational agent.

What are the possible uses of a conversational agent?


Chatbots are artificial intelligence-based software that can serve many purposes.

Using chat bots to empower customer service

The chatbot, far from being a simple means of communication between a company and its customers, is a tool used to boost the customer service of a structure and make it more autonomous. In fact, to get answers to their concerns, or to the questions they have, the customers of a structure can directly question the chatbot put at their disposal. They get immediate solutions to their questions without having to call or write to a physical company representative. This gives the customer service department more autonomy and reduces the workload of the customer service team.

Using chatbots to improve the sales process

Contrary to what one might be tempted to believe, chatbots are not only used for communication purposes. For example, they can also be used in the process of purchasing a product by a customer.

Indeed, thanks to theartificial intelligence support offered by the chat bot, a customer can order the product of his choice in one click and without having to scroll through a long catalog of products. Even better, if the chatbot is well developed, it can tell the customer which payment methods they can use to finalize their purchase and direct them to their bank’s platforms.

This has one main purpose, to make the sales process easier and lighter in order to optimize your customer’s buying experience.

Using the chat bot to meet your customers

customer relationship

Did you know that you can use your chatbot to meet your customers? Indeed, through your programmed bots, you can engage in conversations with your prospects and collect their impressions, expectations and opinions on your products and/or services. This will develop a close relationship between you and your customers, and will allow you to improve your services.

Once the relationship of proximity is born, it progressively gives way to that of trust, which allows for easy customer loyalty.

What are the advantages of a chat bot?

The chat bot is a conversational agent that stands out from these many marketing tools because of its multiple advantages. What are they?

  • Efficiency: the chat bot is an extremely efficient artificial intelligence tool. It is rarely subject to bugs and is one of the most effective marketing solutions.
  • Speed of response: the virtual conversation agent relies on artificial intelligence for optimal performance. This allows him to provide a quick response to your customers’ concerns.
  • Permanent activity: the bot is a tool that remains permanently active. He responds to the concerns of your service users from Monday to Sunday, day and night, 24 hours a day.
  • The economic interest: using a chatbot allows you to save a lot of money.

Where to design a chat bot?

A virtual conversation agent can be created on many platforms. Botnation is one of them. It gives you the opportunity to design a sculpin to your liking in a few minutes by following simple steps. And even if you have no computer skills, you have nothing to worry about. The creation process has been simplified by Botnation to make it easier for you.

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