The benefits of a chatbot for B2B prospecting

Mehdi Boudjemaa of AWE

Mehdi Boudjemaa, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Manager at AWE Agency shares with us his feedback on the design of a chatbot for B2B prospecting on BOTNATION. Thanks to this operation, Botnation won the best conversational device price !

What was the process of creating this chatbot?

AWE has set up a positioning strategy on the B2B sector by proposing “lead generation” tools on the clients’ websites and Facebook pages.

Chatbots allow you to optimize the conversion of prospects by eliminating the registration form aspect while making the collection of information (lead) or the validation of a registration more fluid.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

AWE’s very first chatbot was built on BOTNATION in only a few days and the following ones much faster by capitalizing on the experience gathered. I particularly appreciate the support which is very efficient.

Have you been able to measure the first results?

Thanks to the reporting on the Botnation tool but also the ease of linking with analytics solutions, we see an average increase in conversion of +32% compared to the site forms. Since the chatbot is more human-friendly than a form, it is more complete.

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

Before creating your chatbot, we recommend bringing together marketing and sales teams to determine the real needs of Internet users. Create several scenarios and have your chatbot tested by a panel (in-house for example) before putting it online. This will allow you to create a chatbot relevant to your visitors.

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