Publish your Facebook Messenger chatbot

Want to connect and activate your bot with your Facebook page?

It’s the big day, you’ve spent time creating your chatbot and testing it.
Here is how to activate your chatbot. The handling is simple and fast (no need to know how to code!), nevertheless, there are some prerequisites and things to know.

To know:

– A personal Facebook account can be an administrator of one or more Facebook pages.

– A Botnation chatbot can manage the discussions of a Facebook page but not those of a personal account.

– Nevertheless, Botnation needs to link a personal Facebook account that is itself an administrator at Facebook of the page(s) on which you want to activate a chatbot.

– There can be several administrators on the Facebook page to link. In the case of a Facebook page to link for a client, the latter must appoint you as administrator of his Facebook page (this is a constraint imposed by Facebook).

– The email address of the Botnation account may be different from the Facebook account.

– On a Botnation account, there can only be one linked Facebook account, but it can be an administrator of X Facebook pages.

– Finally, remember to activate your Facebook notifications on the admin account when you are nominated as an administrator of a page: indeed, you will be nominated as an administrator and you will be notified. You will then have to accept the request.

Let’s go for it!

1 – Click on the “Enable” button in the upper right corner of the dashboard:

2- Select the Facebook page on which you want to link your Messenger chatbot & click on “Activate” (or “enable”).

3- Your chatbot is activated on your page! Congratulations. 👏

👀 from now on the chatbot responds to 100% of the messages received on your Facebook page.

🚒 a problem with your Facebook Messenger chatbot? Need to disconnect it? It’s super easy. On the screen just above, just click on “disable

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