How do I add my chatbot to my Wix site?

Easily install a chatbot on your Wix website.

Wix is a platform with integration limitations. It is complicated to add an external Javascript code, Wix having its own “Wix Code” not standardized.

The integration of an external code seems to be more “only available for sites with a domain connected to Wix.”. (according to the Wix documentation)

If you have your own domain name at Wix, then it seems possible to use your Wix site manager:

  • Go to “Tracking and Analytics” on Wix
  • then select “New Tool”.
  • then “Custom” in the drop-down list.

You should then be able to copy/paste the javascript code of the Botnation chatbot.

Botnation cannot provide you with any additional support on the management and configuration of a Wix site.

The integration being changeable according to the updates of Wix but also of your subscription formula with them. External codes, including Botnation, may be blocked on the free version if you do not have your own domain name on Wix. We therefore recommend that you contact Wix customer support if you need help.

Wix online support

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