Nvidia presents Blackwell, its new GPU dedicated to artificial intelligence

nvidia blackwell

Nvidia recently announced its new GPU dedicated specifically to artificial intelligence, dubbed Blackwell. The graphics processor is the successor to the Hopper used in current AI solutions, and promises enhanced performance. This news wraps up a series of technologies that have been developed for the AI sector, particularly with regard to content generation.

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Why the name “Blackwell”?

The choice of the name Blackwell is a tribute to David Blackwell, the first African-American member of the National Academy of Sciences. The company wanted to pay tribute to this great scientific figure, while highlighting the technological advances offered by this new processor.

GPU B200 features and performance

The B200 version of the Nvidia Blackwell GPU is designed to replace the H100 Hopper GPU, widely used in the field of artificial intelligence. Here are some of the B200’s key features:

  • Computing capacity of up to 20,000 TFLOPS
  • Use of a nanotechnology manufacturing technique
  • LLM processing speeds up to 30 times faster
  • Optimum integration with artificial intelligence tools and platforms

These improvements will enable researchers and engineers to develop more powerful artificial intelligence models. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly benefit from the capabilities offered by Blackwell’s B200 GPU.

Game applications: the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE)

As well as presenting the Blackwell GPU, Nvidia also talked about its NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE). This is a suite of technologies that uses generative AI to bring non-player characters to life in video games. Features include :

  • Smoother, more realistic natural language interactions
  • A more immersive and captivating gaming experience
  • Support for game designers to create believable characters tailored to the scenario

Harnessing the power of the Blackwell GPU gives ACE a real edge in the gaming and animation industries, and the potential of these tools is set to transform videogame experiences.

nvidia gpu

An impact on other fields

In addition to video games, the Blackwell GPU and the technologies developed around it could have an impact on a whole range of other fields, such as :

  • Real-time voice recognition
  • Improving IT security by detecting abnormal and malicious behavior
  • Designing more efficient autonomous vehicles
  • Graphic rendering and animation for film and television

In short, Nvidia’s new Blackwell GPU architecture promises to improve the performance of AI-based solutions in a variety of fields. The advances enabled by this new graphics processor open up new horizons for content creation using generative models. As industry professionals integrate these new technologies into their projects, it’s likely that many other industries will benefit from the performance gains and innovations offered by the Nvidia Blackwell GPU.

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Amandine Carpentier