TikTok explores artificial intelligence with its new chatbot, Tako

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TikTok, the Chinese social network for sharing short videos, is entering the artificial intelligence race with the development of a chatbot named Tako. This new feature is designed to help users search and discover relevant content on the platform.

What is Tako?

Tako is an AI tool developed by TikTok to facilitate content search and discovery on its platform. This chatbot should make it easier for users to find videos and content creators based on their requests and viewing history. The technology behind Tako is not yet clearly detailed, but it seems to be based on a third-party chat assistant.

Limited testing in the Philippines

For the moment, Tako is undergoing limited testing with selected users in the Philippines. TikTok points out that there are no definite plans for deploying this technology beyond these tests, but the company seems determined to explore the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence.

AI, an unavoidable trend for social networks

TikTok isn’t the first social network to take an interest in artificial intelligence. Snapchat has also capitalized on this technology with its own chatbot. Giants like Google and Microsoft have long been using AI to improve their services, particularly in search and voice assistance.

  • Google uses AI to improve its search results and provide more relevant answers to users’ queries.
  • Microsoft has developed its artificial intelligence-based voice assistant Cortana.
  • Snapchat has launched a chatbot integrating generative AI to answer users’ questions.

Tako’s potential advantages for TikTok

If Tako’s development leads to successful integration into the TikTok application, several benefits could result:

1. A better user experience

Thanks to Tako, users could benefit from a more personalized experience , tailored to their tastes and preferences. The chatbot could then recommend videos and content creators that might interest them, which could encourage them to spend more time on the platform.

2. A strengthening of the TikTok algorithm

The integration of artificial intelligence within the chatbot could enable TikTok to improve its recommendation algorithm, which is already highly addictive for users. This could result in a better understanding of users’ preferences and expectations, and therefore an even more relevant selection of videos to present to them.

3. A competitive advantage over other social networks

By developing Tako, TikTok is showing that it does not want to be left behind by its competitors when it comes to artificial intelligence. This move could enable the company to maintain its position among the market leaders in social networking, and continue to attract new users.

TikTok’s development of Tako illustrates the growing importance of artificial intelligence in social networking. By exploring this technology, TikTok hopes to improve the user experience on its platform and strengthen its recommendation algorithm. Although this chatbot is currently only being tested in the Philippines, it will be interesting to follow its development and see how it integrates into the TikTok ecosystem in the near future.

Amandine Carpentier

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