Apple and the rise of generative AI: is a turning point imminent?

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The race for generative AI: Apple lags behind

As generative artificial intelligence becomes a standard in the tech industry, some companies have emerged as leaders, while others are trying to catch up. In this frantic race, Apple, one of the world’s most influential technology giants, seems to have fallen behind. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta and Amazon have already developed and deployed innovative solutions, leaving Apple looking for ways to reposition itself in this booming market.

Mark Gurman’s revelations

Mark Gurman, a renowned Bloomberg journalist, is known for his insightful revelations on the tech industry. Recently, he shared some valuable information about Apple’s position in the generative AI race. According to Gurman, Apple did not anticipate the meteoric rise of this technology. He quotes an internal Apple source as saying, “There’s a lot of anxiety about this and it’s seen as a big mistake internally”. These words highlight the pressure and challenges Apple faces to remain competitive.

There’s a lot of anxiety about this and it’s seen as a big mistake internally.

Mark Gurman

Apple’s efforts to bridge the gap

Faced with this situation, Apple has not been idle. Several initiatives have been launched to bridge the gap:

  • Rumors about upcoming versions of iOS and iPadOS: Sources suggest that upcoming versions of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 could offer generative AI features. This would mark an important step for Apple in its quest for AI leadership.
  • Developing its own model: Apple is actively working on its own generative AI model, dubbed“Ajax“. Although details are still scarce, this development shows Apple’s commitment to innovation in this field.
  • Internal testing: An internal chatbot, reportedly called“Apple GPT“, has been deployed to test the capabilities of this new technology. This step is crucial for assessing the viability and effectiveness of their AI efforts.

The future of AI at Apple

So will Apple be able to overcome these challenges and rise to the top of the generative AI industry? Although the future is uncertain, Apple’s determination to adapt and innovate is clear. Only time will tell whether these efforts will bear fruit and enable Apple to compete with other industry giants such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, or France’s Mistral. One thing is certain: in the ever-changing world of technology, the competition has only just begun, and promises to be exciting and lucrative for tomorrow’s leaders.

Amandine Carpentier

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