Surdi Info Service: how to deliver reliable and neutral information at all times, anywhere ?

Surdi Info Service

The Surdi Info Service is a French organization that aims to inform people affected by deafness, whether directly or indirectly. The communication team therefore asked itself the following question: how to deliver reliable information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the territory? And as a bonus : at a lower cost. As searching for information on a website is not always intuitive, the center decided to equip itself with a chatbot to help Internet users find the necessary information in one click. Also, where a classic live chat is subject to human nature (more or less long nights), a chatbot never sleeps and allows you to get an answer to your questions anytime, even in the middle of the night. Pauline Descours, communication officer, and her team from the National Centre for Information on Deafness agreed to talk to us about their work with the chatbot. We welcome the social purpose of this operation !

Introduce yourself and your organization

We are the National Deafness Information Centre – Surdi Info Service. Our objective is to allow each person confronted with deafness (person concerned, parents, family, relatives, professionals…) to access reliable and neutral information wherever he or she is in the territory; this is done through our website and our listening and information services (generalist and psychological) by email, telephone, SMS, chat, video.

What were your issues before launching your chatbots? How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

We inform people via our website and via our permanent offices in a personalized and individual way during their opening hours. In order to ensure a 24-hour response, the CNIS – Surdi Info Service has decided to set up a chatbot.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

We chose the Botnation solution because it seemed to be the most suitable for our research criteria. The availability and expertise of the Botnation teams is a great advantage.

How do you build chatbots? What is the creative process?

We worked on the “path” of our chatbot as a team. Our goal is to make it easier for our users to find information on our website. We first worked on the referral to the most sought-after themes.

Were you able to measure results?

The statistics from the sculpter inform us about the users’ searches and allow us to work on improving the content of our site as well as on the “path” taken by our users.

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

A chatbot is evolutionary and is built step by step. So don’t start with the idea that the first draft of your chatbot will be definitive. Taking the time to work on the “path” of your chatbot will allow you to best meet your users’ expectations.

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