5 platforms to sell your art on the internet

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Given the importance of the internet, some artisans prefer to sell their art online. Fortunately, there are a variety of platforms that accompany artists in this project. This short guide presents the 5 best sites specialized in this field.

Amazon Art

Amazon is the best online platform to buy everything you need, including art. The company has created a platform dedicated to works of art: Amazon Art.

Registration on the platform

To market your artworks and other creations via this website, you must first create an account. In general, the online platform asks users for some information such as your name, surname, e-mail, etc.

After the registration phase, Amazon Art will redirect you to its dashboard: “Seller Central”. Indeed, it is through this portal that you will carry out all your sales activities on the website.

Choose your online sales formula

To sell your art as an artist, you have the choice between two formulas. These are the individual and professional plans.

In practice, the personal option is suitable for marketing the paintings. It allows you to sell up to 40 items per month on Amazon Art. On this account, artists pay a subscription fee of 0.99 euros.

The professional formula is recommended for selling other art objects. Here, the monthly subscription is 39 euros. Once you have chosen the pricing option that suits you, start by putting your creations online to guarantee their visibility on the internet. Amazon charges sales and shipping fees on every purchase.

Before getting started on the Amazon Art website, it is important for any artist to familiarize themselves with the platform’s instructions for use. A document exists in e-book format to help you with this. Also, it contains tips on how to better sell a work of art.


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Ebay is also a well-known brand for artists in the field of selling products on the Internet. On the site, it is possible to make a direct sale of your works of art or to put them up for auction. All artists dream that their creations interest a large number of people and are sold at a high price.

The registration phase

Before selling on Ebay, you must go through the registration stage. Note that on this platform, the competition is tough. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, you need to make good quality photos and define a good marketing strategy.

The publication of works of art

Once registered on Ebay, the artist must publish his work by giving it a title or a name. Also, it is necessary to specify in which year the work was created, its weight and the support used for the manufacture. To sell your artworks online on Ebay, you must focus on quality. It is therefore important to make good photos to optimize the sale of your works.

The Ebay platform receives 8% of the final sale price of your item. In this matter, the global rate is composed of the price of the artwork + the delivery and shipping costs. Nevertheless, the limit imposed in terms of commission is 200 euros. In addition, there are no listing fees for up to 150 publications per month.


The Etsy website is a space for online markets (marketplace). Here you have the opportunity to buy and sell handmade art. To use the services of the website, you must create a virtual store.

Creation of the virtual store

In general, to carry out your activities on the website, you must create an account and then choose the name of your company. Thus, you create your brand online.

At the registration stage, take the trouble to fill in the real information about your identity. In fact, the online platform Etsy checks if they match your credit card.

Putting artworks online

After registering, choose the artworks and other products you want to sell. Many artists usually market paintings. Then, present the item by publishing a description or a product sheet. Indeed, there is a section to add text and publish photos of your artwork. Next, you must choose a sales category and then set a price.

The method of payment

To receive your payments, you need to access the Etsy Payments features. At this point, you must enter the credit card number for identity verification. Regarding the transaction, it is as simple as setting up Stripe payment, it is mandatory to pay the fee of sale which amounts to 0.20 dollars. The platform charges a 5% commission for the service.


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Artalistic is a little known online platform for art sellers. Indeed, this website is rather recognized on the market of modern and contemporary objects. These are mainly :

  • Drawings
  • Editions
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Photographs

The website is accessible to all designer profiles who can sell the items. In fact, Artalistic aims to build a community of artists with a common passion for art. As such, he places particular emphasis on the careful study of the object for sale and its quality. Also, the variety of artworks available and the secure online payment are the strong points of this website.

In practice, the user proposes the artworks. They are then certified before being published on the website. Here, the sale price is validated with or without negotiation. You are paid after shipping the product to the buyer who validates the transaction upon receipt.

In addition, the website collects 20% of the final price paid by the buyer for individual sellers. For professional designers, the percentage of this commission may therefore vary.


The advantage of the ArtQuid web platform is that it does not take any commission on the sold artworks. This is what makes it so special. Nevertheless, the services of this website are not free.

Its operation is based on the principle of a social network. Artists showcase their talent and art lovers appreciate it. This way, it is possible to receive likes and praises from users who like your work.

To use the website, you need to register for free on ArtQuid. Then, create a gallery to showcase your creations and subscribe for 39 euros.

When a user is interested in an item, he/she chooses it and buys it easily through the website service. At the end of the transaction, the artist receives payment. The disadvantage of using ArtQuid is that : in order to be profitable, you need to sell a large number of items at high prices.

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