Save time with your chatbot: the example of the Couvin Tourist Office

Tourist Office of Couvin

A well-configured chatbot can do wonders ! Saving time is one of the benefits of having a conversational agent that automates your messaging. This leaves more opportunities to focus on more interesting and/or strategic operations. We can’t explain enough that this chatbot construction work can be done by several people. After a group work, your chatbot will come out much more powerful ! The Tourist Office of Couvin has been a customer of the platform for almost 2 years and has understood it well. The team presents a very specific use case that everyone can learn from !

Introduce yourself and your company:

We are the Tourist Office of Couvin, a very nice town in Belgium in the Walloon region. Our particularity is that we manage 2 activities in addition to the promotion and communication work inherent to a tourist office

What were your issues before launching your chatbots?

Prior to the launch of the chatbot, messages sent to our Facebook messenger were not being answered quickly. This creates frustration on the part of the user, who sometimes expects an immediate response.

Other questions were recurrent: the same question was asked by several people, which represented a significant waste of time for our team who had to answer each message.

These 2 factors have resulted in a reflection on the automation of these responses to free up time. This is how the chatbot project was born!

How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

Having concluded that a chatbot would meet our needs for automation of our messaging, we observed what other tourist sites were doing, some of which also used chatbots, which reinforced our project.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

The choice of the solution was naturally made in favor of Botnation, in particular thanks to its support in French!

How do you build chatbots? What is the creative process?

This process is constantly evolving: we created a first base with the most recurrent questions observed by our team, which gave birth to a first version of the chatbot. When the chatbot went live, we obviously realized that it could be improved. The analysis of the conversations made possible by the platform (in the dedicated tab but also in the Artificial Intelligence module), we added as we went along the new questions without associated answers that arose. Thus, the chatbot improves over the weeks!

Were you able to measure results?

We have not yet measured any results: for the moment, the main objective (freeing up time) has been achieved because we have been on the platform for about 1.5 years. We will now have the opportunity to look into the subject since Botnation offers many analysis and statistical tools.

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

We chose to work as a team and not to entrust the construction of the chatbot to a single person. In our case, it worked. Working together on the tree structure and putting yourself in the visitor’s shoes allows you to think even further, so we encourage you to do the same!

Find the chatbot of the Couvin Tourist Office on their Facebook page.

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