Advanced calculations on variables

Access many advanced mathematical functions to calculate your variables.

If the concept of a variable is totally abstract for you, I advise you to consult the following article before continuing: All about {{…}} variables.

1. Use

Among the construction functions, click on “Variables” and then, in the menu that opens, click on “Mathematical function”.

Mathematical function feature - Icon

In 1 click you can calculate a :

  • Sinus
  • Cosinus
  • Tangent
  • Square
  • Square Root
  • Cubic Root
  • Logarithm
  • Exponential
Mathematical function feature

2. Options

A – You can leave a comment to your collaborators about this feature by clicking on the icon (see below).
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B – By clicking on the “?” icon, the online help will open on the article corresponding to this functionality.

Feature online help

C – You can duplicate, delete or move this feature by using the icons that appear on the hover.

Move, duplicate and delete a feature

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