Send variables to your chatbot Messenger from an M.ME link

Communicate parameters and variables at the launch of your chatbot Messenger

Botnation offers the possibility to send variables to a Messenger chatbot from an M.ME link that you can use on your site, your shares and also when setting up Facebook ad campaigns for your chatbot

These variables will then be used in your chatbot available in the user’s profile.

Examples of use:

  • By adding to the link to the chatbot a variable with a different value depending on the origin (website, ad campaign, directory, etc.), we can identify where the users come from.
  • When a user is already identified on a website, we can redirect him to a chatbot Messenger with all the information already retrieved by the site as his login, his favorite section etc…

Here is the nomenclature to send a variable and its value to your chatbot via a link:;VALEUR;

VOTRECHATBOT is the unique Messenger ID assigned to you by Facebook.

All settings must begin with “capsule:”

This is the “reference” element (ref) that you will also find when configuring Facebook ad campaigns.

You can send as many variables as you want by separating them with ; (semicolons).;VALUE_1;VARIABLE_NAME_2;VALUE_2;VARIABLE_NAME_3;VALUE_3;

Finally you can redirect the user to a particular sequence with the “blockid” parameter:;VALEUR_1;NOM_DE_LA_VARIABLE_2;VALEUR_2;NOM_DE_LA_VARIABLE_3;VALEUR_3;blockid;5d94a7b2981b660uied182

The blockID can be found by clicking on the “Share” icon in the title of a sequence (only in published chatbots).

CAUTION: blockid; (semicolon) not blockid: (colon)

All these options are only valid for a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, however the equivalent is available for a Web Chatbot by consulting this guide to setting up web chatbots.

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