Send an email with Mailgun

Your chatbot can send an email using your Mailgun account

1. Set up the chatbot

Go to the “Plugin” tab of your chatbot settings.

To associate your Mailgun account with your bot you must fill in 3 parameters:
– the region of your Mailgun account
– The domain associated with your region
– the API key of your domain

2. Send an email with Mailgun

Among the building features, click on “Email” and then, in the menu that opens, click on “Mailgun”.

This will add the following item to your sequence:

You can then send an email from your chatbot by writing it naturally and including {{…}} variables if needed.

The sender (“from”) must be an email address of yours, theoretically the one of your Mailgun account.

It is you who sends an email to someone and not the other way around, so you don’t pretend to be someone else.

However, you can send an email to yourself if you want to send information collected from a user.

If you use {{…}} variables to generate your email you can use the Botnation variable {{NEW_LINE}} which will force a line break in the body of your email message.

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