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Enable emoji keyboard to add an emoji in your chatbot

Emojis, or emoticons, allow you to convey an emotion, which is precisely what chatbots sometimes lack. They can also simply be used to express an idea.

Nobody is surprised anymore by these little yellow guys and these very colorful icons that are much “cooler” than our “colon dash closed parenthesis” of another time (that of 20 years…)

Emojis provide structure to text where your customization options are limited. If your message is punctuated with these little colorful icons, your message will really be much more appealing.

A keyboard with the main emojis is now available directly in the edition of your chatbot on Botnation.

add an emoji
keyboard emojis

You can easily use them in your messages, menus, buttons, etc…

The botmaker’s advice:

1 – Tailor your communication to your audience. Some premium brands, for example, may not cohabit well with emojis.

2 – Don’t overuse emojis in your chatbots. If they can be nice, they can also quickly annoy when there are too many of them.

3 – Be creative. In BOTNATION AI, you will find hundreds of emojis. Don’t always use the same ones. There are emojis for just about everything.

4 – If you are an Apple user it is also possible to activate a much more complete Emojis keyboard on the Mac directly in your system.

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