GPS feature (Messenger)

How to retrieve your users’ GPS coordinates

1. Use

With your chatbot you may want to know where your users are so you can offer them services, restaurants, etc. near their location. It is possible to geolocate with precision the users of your chatbot with our GPS functionality.

This feature is available :

  • Either by direct access in the Botnation design interface via the feature :

This will add a “Button” functionality preconfigured as “GPS”.

  • Either via the tool for adding buttons :

You can choose the color of the theme, the redirection sequence once the user has validated his position and also the size of the popup.

When the user clicks on this button, a webview will overlay the Messenger application and display a map with a location marker. The user will be able to zoom in/out the map, move the marker and validate its position by clicking on the “Validate” button.

The following variables will be updated with the user’s details:

  • {{GPS_CITY}} : the city
  • {{GPS_COUNTRY}} : the country
  • {{GPS_ADDRESS}} : the address
  • {{GPS_REGION}} : the region
  • {{GPS_LAT}} : the latitude
  • {{GPS_LONG}} : the longitude

You can use these variables to determine the distance between two coordinates with our advanced GPS tools.

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