Modify a system variable

Is it possible to change the value of a system variable?

It is not possible to modify a system variable.

As a reminder, on Botnation AI, you will find 3 types of variables:

1) User variables (created by you, specific to the chatbot user)

2) Global variables (created by you, available to all chatbot users)

3) System variables (Botnation specific, not modifiable)

👉🏻 For more information on these differences, check out the article on the topic or the dedicated webinar.

In case 1), they are used to capture a specific data that you qualify and that the user fills in.


User variable = {{AGE}}

Chatbot question: How old are you?

User response: 22

👉🏻 Then: {{AGE}} = 22

And then you can reset that variable and write to it again to change it.

In the case of a system variable, the chatbot will retrieve the available information about the user, such as his user ID: {{USER_ID}}. It is its own.

Also, the chatbot can retrieve the time: when this variable is triggered, it will give the time. At 16:28, the variable will indicate 16:28, at 19:43, it will indicate 19:43, in short, you have the idea! Logically, at 4:28 pm it cannot be another time.

It is therefore understandable why system variables cannot be changed.

However, to manipulate them freely, you just have to duplicate them by copying their value in another user variable (which is manipulatable, you know?) and then rewrite it.

A variable can be copied into another one by initializing the second one by the content of the first one, following this logic:

A = system variable.
B = A;

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