Change the case of a variable

This feature is very useful to format a variable

If the concept of a variable is totally abstract for you, I advise you to consult the following article before continuing: All about {{…}} variables.

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1. Use

Among the construction features, click on “Variables” and then, in the menu that opens, click on “Format case”.

This adds the following feature:

You have three types of formatting:

  • First letter in upper case
  • All in lower case
  • All in upper case

In this example, in the chatbot flow we ask the user for the name of his pet through a “user input” which will be stored in the variable {{pet_name}}

In the following sequence, redirected after the user input, we use the “Format case” feature to automatically apply a capital letter to the first character of the variable and we display the result.

Thus, even if the user has not indicated a capital letter in the name of his pet, the chatbot will automatically apply one in the conversation flow. It’s much more pleasant to read 🙂

2. Options

A – You can leave a comment to your collaborators about this feature by clicking on the icon (see below).
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B – By clicking on the “?” icon, the online help will open on the article corresponding to this functionality.

Feature online help

C – You can duplicate, delete or move this feature by using the icons that appear on the hover.

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