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Since the arrival of the native Google Sheets connector on Botnation, enabling you to send data to and retrieve data from the online spreadsheet, many of you have been using it as a“super calculator“.

Many of you use Google Sheets only for its advanced mathematical functions, in order to create chatbots that calculate distances, dietetics, real-estate estimates, financial calculations and so on…

We thought it would be simpler for you, more efficient and, above all, more reliable over time to perform all these calculations directly on Botnation, without leaving your chatbot’s design interface.

We have now unleashed Botnation’s math module in “scientific” mode. Remember the Casio and T.I from your middle and high school years? They’re now available online on the Botnation interface!

You already had a native mathematics module on Botnation that lets you perform basic calculations on your variables, such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/), not to mention automatic increments (+x), decrements (-x), precise rounding and the random number generator.

In short, everything you need to calculate shopping baskets, discounts, shipping costs or any other service you can imagine. We’re always amazed when you present us with treasure hunts or virtual sports trainers made entirely on Botnation.

To let your imagination run wild and make you less dependent on Google Sheets, you now have access to a host of advanced mathematical functions . In 1 click you can use :

  • Sinus
  • Cosinus
  • Tangent
  • Square
  • Square Root
  • Cube
  • Cubic Root
  • Logarithm
  • Exponential
  • Power
  • Modulo

So your chatbot can take off like a rocket! 🚀

A chatbot isn’t just a static decision tree. Botnation’s strength lies in making all this dynamic, thanks to the power of variables, conditional modules and, of course, artificial intelligence (NLP AI).

Have fun, maths can be exciting (yes it can). Behind every button or action on Botnation lie numerous algorithms, invisible to you but developed by an enthusiastic team in Paris and Rennes. A French team close to you, your needs and your creativity!

Calculation on variables
Advanced calculations on variables

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