Measuring the duration of a conversation

Timing the conversation between a user and a chatbot

The conversation between a user and your chatbot is never really over, but you can measure the time spent between 2 stages of your chatbot , especially if you have a sequence of end of contact taking, end of training, etc…

To do this, you need Botnation:

  • Assign the date variable {{bn_date_local_timestamp} } to a variable, for example {{start}}, in a start sequence such as the conversation start sequence (welcome sequence).
  • Then assign the variable {{bn_date_local_timestamp}} to a variable, for example {{end}}, in a target sequence (confirmation).

The difference between {{end}} – {{start}} will be the number of seconds elapsed between these 2 events. You can calculate this difference using the calculation function available on Botnation.

To transform these seconds into minutes, simply use the calculation function to divide the seconds by 60, then round them off if necessary.

Here is the result in the chatbot using the example above:

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