Statistics: conversion funnels (or funnels)

Accurately measure user attrition in your chatbot’s journey

Botnation offers default statistics in the dedicated tab (number of users, number of messages, unanswered messages) and custom metrics: tracking tags.

We have just launched a tool that allows you to go even further in your audience measurement, the conversion funnels, also known as funnels.

the funnels

1. What is a conversion funnel?

For example, your chatbot contains a lead collection pane asking for the following fields, in order:
1) Name
2) Email
3) Telephone

A tracking tag placed at the end of the form (phone fields) will allow you to know the number of users who have reached the end.

However, this does not allow you to measure the audience lost along the way and compare the users at the end of the form and those who started it, to draw the right conclusions:

  • remove unnecessary sequences
  • shorten the funnel
  • improve the form
  • establish accurate statistics
  • etc

This is where conversation funnels come in!

The principle is simple: choose at least 2 sequences that follow each other, wait for them to register users and observe their behavior.

2. How to implement these conversion tunnels?

To do so, choose the chatbot on which you want to implement these funnels and go to the “Statistics” tab

Scroll down the statistics page until you reach the bottom of the page in the “Funnels” box. Click on “Add a funnel”.

Name it, choose the starting sequence (in our example, it would be “Name”, which is the first one):

Then, choose the second sequence (only the following sequences will be proposed), here : “Email”, then the last one, “Phone”, and save.

Your funnel is ready and is displayed in the list. You can create as many as you want and delete them via the trash logo. The measured sequences are displayed under the funnel name.

Once you register traffic, click on the eye logo and the funnel appears:

You can choose the period you want to have previous measurements. Under the name of each sequence the number of users who arrived on it and the percentage compared to the previous sequence is displayed.

3. How to interpret the results of the funnels?

In the above screenshot, “Menu” = 5 users, so 100% because this is the first step.

Then “Recover age” registers only 4 visitors, so 1 user has left the current path. This represents 80% of the visitors compared to the previous sequence.

Then, these 4 Internet users all went to the next sequence, which represents 100% compared to the previous step, but 80% of the starting total (5).

Of these 4, only 1 gets to “Personalized info”. 1 out of 4 users makes 25% (indicated in red), but represents 20% of the starting total (1/5).

You now know that only 20% of the users reach the end of the course and that the biggest loss is between the “Recup. Company” and “Personalized info”. It’s up to you to draw the conclusions 😉 such as improving the wording or removing a step.

It’s up to you!

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