Customize your AI with Botnation’s SMART AI

Add, modify or delete data from your customized AI

Your customized AI is not static, and you can make corrections to it. This article covers all the modifications you can make.

1. Where can I find it?

Go to your Chatbot’s“Settings” and select the“Smart AI” tab.

Here you’ll find all your customized AIs, accessible via their title blocks.

The title block shows the name of the AI, its type and the number of inputs.
It also suggests actions via icons.
These actions are detailed below.

2. Modify or delete data

Clicking on this icon takes you to the contents of your personalized AI.

At this point, you can click on the delete icon, which, after confirmation, will delete the entire data line.

If you wish to modify any data, simply click on it and a new window will open with an editor.

You can then make your changes. To validate them, click on the“MODIFY” button.


Modifying data consumes 1 credit.

3. Add data

Clicking on this icon will open your computer’s file explorer, where you can select a CSV file containing the new data.

The file will then open in the interface of the next step.

This is where you match the columns in your CSV file to the type of data to be processed by SMART AI.

To do this, make your choice from the drop-down menu above each column.


Don’t forget to check which line you want to start treatment from.

The wizard will automatically indicate the number of credits required to process the data.

When you have finished, click on the“ADD” button.

4. Delete a custom AI

When you click on this icon, you have the option of completely deleting the customized AI after confirmation.

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