Enable / Disable user input on a sequence of my web chatbot

Prevent the user from using the keyboard on a specific sequence

With this feature you can choose when the user of your chatbot can write freely. This means choosing the moments when artificial intelligence becomes the predominant navigation mode in your chatbot.

This is especially useful when you have a “form” in your chatbot and you don’t want the user to be able to leave that section before answering all the questions. By disabling the keyboard on all sequences of the “form”, the user will not be able to enter keywords that would trigger the artificial intelligence and make him leave this section.

Important: Even if you have disabled the keyboard, if the sequence includes a “User Input” item (to capture an email, a name, etc.) the keyboard will automatically be available.

Activate / deactivate the keyboard

This is done at the level of the parameters of a sequence ( See the article on The parameters of a sequence ).
Click on the white cog icon on the far right in the title bar of the sequence.

You can configure the keyboard according to the following settings:
– Enabled
– Off
– Inherited from the bot parameters

The choice you make will override the bot’s default setting.

The default setting that determines the bot’s behavior towards user input can be found in the “SETTINGS” tab “Chatbot configuration” (see the article How to disable the chatbot keyboard).

When the keyboard is activated it appears like this in the title bar of your sequence:

When the keyboard is disabled it appears like this in the title bar of your sequence:

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