Voice and SMS Chatbot for Twilio

A callbot that can be reached by phone

BOTNATION AI offers a test phase open on demand to the design of voice chatbot – callbot – and SMS for phone numbers managed by Twilio. It is thus possible to manage a voice and sms chatbot with all the tools of the BOTNATION AI interface.

You will then have a super assistant that can inform your contacts by phone, filter your calls, transfer them to you and even take messages, including audio, like an answering machine, for you.

The service supports multiple languages, so you can use separate numbers in different countries. You can also change the language during a call if needed.

The languages available at launch are :

  • French, France
  • French, Canada
  • English, United States
  • English, United Kingdom
  • English, Australia
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Korean

This service is also available for an SMS chatbot.


a/ You must have an account and at least one active number with Twilio

There may be fees for the creation, rental and use of the number at Twilio that are independent of the Botnation service.

b/ You must have an account BOTNATION AI account and a subscription to a plan to allow the production of the number, the tests must be done on your Twilio number and not a temporary number.

1. Create your Voice or SMS bot

Just click on the corresponding tab and follow the usual creation process.

Voice Chatbot:

For a voice chatbot, the texts you enter will be dynamically transformed into voice synthesis during the phone conversation.

Your bot will talk to your users with a female voice in the language you want (10 languages available).

The users will only have to speak naturally, we will analyze their words that you will control with keywords and expressions as for a chatbot Messenger or Web.

Tip: Break down your answers into short blocks. The user has to understand everything in one listen, he can’t take his time to reread your answer like on a Text Messenger.

Be careful, remember to indicate a redirection at the end of each sequence or a delay in order to let your users answer, because if the voice chatbot has nothing more to say or do, it hangs up.

SMS Chatbot:

The experience is close to a Messenger chatbot but is limited to text with all the Botnation functions at your disposal!

2. Activate your SMS Chatbot or Voice Callbot

On the design interface of your chatbot on BOTNATION AI

Free Chatbot creation

Click on “Activate” then add a project for your number.

Implementation of Chatbot

Enter the phone number provided by Twilio with the international notation starting with +, without any spaces.

Example = +33140506070 for a French number instead of 01 40 50 60 70

Then copy/paste the Webhook URL we are displaying, which you will need to send to Twilio.

Then click on “REGISTER” to validate the activation.

3. Complete your TWILIO configuration

Now you just have to select your number on Twilio, identical to the one of your Botnation project. It must be an active number on Twilio.

Chatbot Creation Agency

Select the number configuration on the Twilio administration console and enter the Webhook URL previously copied/pasted to BOTNATION AI. Make sure that you have copied and pasted everything exactly as you found it, any missing character will block the communication.

For a VOICE project in the “Voice & Fax” section, for an SMS project in the “Messaging” section.

The same number can manage Voice and SMS if it is a mobile number, however, it will be necessary to create 2 distinct Botnation projects and communicate 2 different webhooks. The functionalities and constraints are very different between voice and SMS.

4. And that’s it!

All you have to do now is test your chatbot and distribute it to your users!

If your users leave you voice messages (answering machine mode), the messages of your correspondents will arrive directly in your BOTNATION AI interface in the received media manager.


You can send yourself an email every time you call or receive a message, including the address of the voice file of the message on your answering machine which will be available in the variable {{BN_URL_UPLOAD}}

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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