Why my webhook doesn’t always work

My webhook to Zapier or Make does not work all the time

If your chatbot’s webhook call doesn’t work every time it is called, it is probably because you have activated the “cache” function on the Botnation side.

You should not activate the cache option (checkbox on webhook module) for 2 reasons:

1/ If you use Zapier : Zapier does not return any result (it’s a default of Zapier), so there is no result to cache anyway

2/ If you are not using Zapier but your Webhook does not return anything for the Botnation API, then there is nothing to cache as well.

If you activate a one-hour cache, the call to your webhook is then only sent once per hour maximum, whereas you certainly need to receive all the information at each call.

The webhook cache is mostly used for information returned by the external source, such as weather etc… which can be kept in “cache” for 1 hour to avoid overloading the external calls.

Webhook and Botnation API

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