How to be indexed by a search engine?

For an independent business, creating a specialized website is a better option to attract new customers on the Internet. The company must not only design a website, but all the pages must also be referenced on a search engine in order to be displayed among the first results of Internet users’ requests.

To make your company perfectly visible on the networks, the web referencing is the best strategy. This alternative can not only encourage Internet users to become your customers, but it also allows you to promote your activities in the Internet world.

Zoom on the procedures to follow to be referenced by a search engine.

Web referencing: indexing above all

First of all, keep in mind that all websites must go through the indexing phase before appearing on the first page of a search engine. It should be noted that after their creation, websites do not appear instantly on pages, whether on Google, Bing or other engines. This is quite normal, because the robots need time to index your pages in their databases. A website is said to be online if it is accessible instantly when you enter its address in the URL bar.

However, no site is indexed the day it is created, but it can be visible on search results after several days, even weeks. Therefore, the site owner must be patient when the robots take over the indexing of the pages in the databases. Patience is therefore essential during the indexing phase so that your content is visible in the search results of Internet users. On Google, Bing or other engines, the duration of the indexing phase may vary.

Fortunately, being listed by search engines allows you to accelerate the indexing phase of your site. Instead of waiting for the robots to do the work by themselves, you can submit your site directly to the engines, be it Google, Bing or Yahoo. Ideally, webmasters should use this alternative to allow sites to quickly appear in the search results of Internet users. In practice, there is no need to submit all the pages, as only the home page can be sufficient. As a webmaster, do not hesitate to reference your sites on several search engines if you want to attract a large number of Internet users.

Web referencing : the search engines to choose

As a reminder, Google and Bing are not the only search engines available in the Internet world. On the other hand, even if we can distinguish several engines, Google remains the most popular at the moment, because it is the one that registers a large number of users, therefore the most used by Internet users. The best search engines of the moment are mainly :

  • Google;
  • Bing;
  • Yahoo.

There is no need to mention Google when it comes to the best search engines on the Internet.

Google is still the leader in this sector. Whether it is for SEO, for content distribution or to generate traffic for a company, being present on Google is the best strategy.

After Google, Bing is the second most important company in the sector. Bing is constantly developing its strategy to challenge Google in terms of search. So far, despite its efforts, it has not yet managed to attract more Internet users than Google. Finally, Bing’s merits, since it is in second place, lie in the fact that it consistently offers better search results for its users.

Yahoo is in the list of email service providers that offer better results in the sector. Exclusively, Bing has powered Yahoo since 2011 until 2015. After that, Yahoo teamed up with Google to offer search-related services, and since then, Google and Bing have been the ones powering the search results on Yahoo.

Web referencing: procedures to follow

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As Google is the one that occupies the first place in the sector, we will take it as an example to distinguish the procedures to follow in the natural referencing of a website.

In order to be referenced on Google, here are the procedures to follow to make a website appear in the first search results:

  • Compliance with the standards imposed by the platform;
  • Creation of quality content;
  • Insertion of incoming links.

Compliance with the standards imposed by the platform

On Google, even if you implement a perfect SEO strategy, your page will not be able to rank in the best conditions if it does not respect the standards. Indeed, a website is said to be referenced when it meets the key technical criteria imposed by the referencing platform. In this case, you must:

  • Securing the site;
  • Create easily accessible pages;
  • Optimize page loading time.

On Google, all sites must be secure. If necessary, the platform will have to penalize sites that do not comply with the rules. In this case, you must convert your site to HTTPS to secure it and to protect your visitors’ data. For your information, HTTPS is a web security protocol that allows you to protect your data from hackers.

To rank on Google, every page of your website must be easily accessible and must be adapted to mobile and tablet navigation. This way, all visitors will be able to easily access your pages, no matter what device they are using.

Sites that rank in the top search results of Google are also fluid. In this case, you must optimize the loading time of your pages to allow your visitors to navigate comfortably.

Creation of quality content

Before indexing a site in the search results, Google’s robots first check the keywords and the quality of the content of each page. The keywords and the quality of the contents are indeed major actors in the natural SEO of a page. In this case, you need to make sure that each content of your pages contains relevant keywords.

In the content of each page, you should put SEO keywords that are frequently visible on Google. However, you must use keywords that are not very visible in your competitors’ pages. You should therefore use specific SEO keywords that match the content of your page. These specific keywords must be visible not only in each content, but also on :

  • Page URL;
  • Main title of the page (H1 tag);
  • Page subtitle (H2 tag);
  • Meta description of the page.

Inserting inbound links

The insertion of inbound links is one of the important steps to follow in order to perfect the SEO natural referencing. Indeed, these links can improve the visibility of your website on the Internet. In addition, the use of these links is usually to show Google that your pages are relevant sources of information. These are links inserted on other websites that can send users to your homepage. Thus, to get referenced on Google, do not neglect the insertion of links.

For a company, SEO is an essential option to generate traffic on the Internet. By following these tips, you can easily reference your website.

Amandine Carpentier

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