GPT-4: the OpenAI multimodal language model

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As of March 14, 2023, OpenAI is making the new GPT-4 version available to registered users and via the API. But what can this new multimodal version bring to your Botnation chatbot? Together we will learn about this language model that can process and generate text, speech and other types of data such as images, videos and other forms of sensory information.

The advantages of GPT-4

The GPT-4 model is more creative and collaborative than its predecessors, it is able to accept images in addition to input text and produces written responses. These responses display human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks such as:

  • Songwriting;
  • Screenwriting;
  • Learning a user’s writing style;
  • Image analysis;
  • Data analysis and generation.

This model as well as its functionalities will soon be available for different applications such as e-commerce sites or Microsoft software to perform business tasks.

The limitations of GPT-4

Despite a big step forward compared to what existed until now, GPT-4 does not completely solve reasoning and intelligence. Companies that rely on this technology must accept imprecision, especially that related to machine learning, which remains taboo in an industry built from scratch on the idea that computers are more demanding than their human creators.

ChatGPT Plus Update

With GPT-4, OpenAI offers ChatGPT Plus registrants the opportunity to test its text entry capabilities and those on the waitlist to submit their applications to gain access. In addition, GPT-4 promises a significant enrichment of the ChatGPT user experience, thanks to the recognition of images sent by users. This update is a huge step forward and researchers are eagerly awaiting feedback from the first testers.

Known for the quality of its applications, OpenAI intends to continue to make its mark and widen the gap with its competitors. The GPT-4 model confirms its ambition to provide ever more powerful artificial intelligence and will soon be available to all Botnation users.

Amandine Carpentier

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