Botnation AI answers your questions!

Botnation answers your questions

Since its creation, Botnation has made it a point of honour to respond quickly to ALL requests. And we are getting there ! We’re not saying that, you are. Whether by email, phone or on the support, we enjoy discussing with you to find technical ways to realize your ideas, collect your testimonials, your requests and even – it happens! – talk about anything and everything.

This is why, in addition to these privileged channels, we have set up a regular Q&A webinar during which you can ask your questions live and share them with the community. Find in this article our last episodes if you missed it ! If you have any further questions, the Botnation team is available to answer them.

To stay informed of our upcoming webinars, join us on Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook. Also, all the episodes are available on our Youtube channel. To binge-watch without moderation !

The episodes are in French so as you can practice ! Just kidding, you may add the automated translation.

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