The Dreets automates its users’ most recurring questions with Botnation

The Dreets Rhône Alpes

The DREETS (ex DIRECCTE) – an organ of the French Ministry of Labor – uses a dynamic FAQ chatbot to reduce the number of calls on its phone line and thus save time for its employees. Valérie Germain, project manager for the DREETS Auvergne Rhône Alpes, talks about her chatbot project on Botnation and the usefulness of having a simple and efficient automatic conversational agent.

Introduce yourself and your company:

I am Valérie Germain, in charge of the “modernization of internal services” project at the Dreets Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (ARA).

The DREETS ARA is in charge of labor policy and labor law inspection actions. It monitors the proper functioning of markets, economic protection and consumer safety. It implements actions for the development and safeguarding of companies. It is also in charge of employment policy, support for professional transitions, anticipation and support for economic change, as well as all social cohesion policies and the social and professional integration of people furthest from the labor market.

What were your issues before launching your chatbot?

The regional vocational training control service of the Direccte ARA (which will become Dreets on April 1, 2021) had set up a telephone information line to answer questions from training organizations regarding activity declarations for new vocational training providers, requests for VAT exemption, changes affecting these organizations, how to keep one’s activity number… this line was regularly jammed.

How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

When I discovered the “carousel” feature, I saw that it fit our need. We wanted to launch a small chatbot informative, fun, simple without user input, it is successful!

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

While browsing the web for innovative communication tools, I discovered your platform. I have watched many of your webinars to get the hang of the tool. I also had the chance, thanks to the continuous training I receive every year, to come twice to your offices in Paris to learn how to build more complex chatbots that can meet some of our needs in the future.

How did you build the chatbot? What was the creative process?

The tool is quite didactic, by testing the features and watching the tutorials, I was able to build up my skills over the months.

Have you been able to measure the first results?

The chatbot has helped reduce solicitations although it is difficult to quantify. As the number of staff is constantly decreasing in certain public service departments, it is essential to seek and find alternative solutions to continue to provide a quality service to users and users.

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

The main advice is not to be afraid to start, to test, to be curious and above all to be aware that the future will only evolve towards modern tools to access simplification, to interfaces more and more playful and adapted to the requirements of future generations.

Find the chatbot of the Dreets Auvergne Rhône Alpes in full screen version !

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