How to make money with Botnation?

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We have our own referral program that allows you to recommend Botnation to your network and receive a recurring income on the subscriptions generated (25%). If you missed it, follow the guide!

It is therefore a first way to collect income with Botnation. We’ll see what other opportunities there are to monetize your work on the platform.

Before we get into the details, let’s review how Botnation! works.

The Botnation model

Botnation is a free tool to create your chatbot project. The Discovery mode (free) gives you access to all the tools for creating, editing and testing the chatbot.

We only ask for a subscription once the chatbot is published. In short, configuration and testing time do not pay off.

The collaborative mode

This is where it gets interesting 😏 Botnation offers to share the rights to manage a chatbot and also transfer ownership.

This allows you to create a chatbot and add collaborators to test and edit the chatbot as well, but also to transfer it permanently to another Botnation account.

At this point, you still haven’t spent a euro!

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How to monetize your work on Botnation?

Now we come to the part that interests you most!

The easiest way to do this is to create a chatbot for a customer and transfer ownership to it. Thus, you will have created it for free on the platform and the client will have paid you for your work. Margin = 100% ! In this case, the Botnation fee is paid by the customer who uses the chatbot.

There is still a more advanced way to operate. Let’s say you have created a chatbot for bakers. So you sell it to a first baker, and you transfer the chatbot to him. Beforehand, you will have kept a copy of the chatbot on your space to duplicate it for as many clients as necessary! Thus, you will still not have had to take a subscription on the platform and you will have sold several times the chatbot project made once. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Moreover, nothing prevents you from keeping the collaborative mode and the ownership of the chatbot and from offering to your customers update, maintenance and improvement services of the chatbot. Why not also provide training to your customers to learn how to manage the administration of the platform?

Last advice for the road! We offer on your space chatbots already pre-built according to specific themes: Real estate agency, FAQ, after sales service… Simply replace your customer-specific data and deliver the job. You will gain significantly in speed! Check out the templates.

In summary, you can make money with Botnation:

  • By selling chatbots made for free
  • By managing your customers’ chatbots
  • By offering training to your customers

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