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We are very proud to announce the launch of the Botnation affiliation, as many of you have been asking for it. We worked very hard to put together a true win-win program!

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What is affiliation?

It’s very simple: You recommend Botnation to your contacts, in exchange we reward you financially.

We pay you 25% of the amount of the Botnation subscriptions taken out by your referrals, so you generate a regular passive income made up of your commissions, while benefiting from the reputation and quality of service of Botnation. A small drawing is better than a long speech:

You can share your referral link by email, on social networks, on your blog or website, in forums and even offline.

Everything is automated, every month your prospects subscribed to Botnation generate your commissions, your payments are sent every month.

You can distribute your dedicated link, including your partner code, on your B2B e-mail base, your editorial sites, blogs etc.

The best is a blog-post somewhere, on Medium or LinkedIn for example where you describe your chatbot development experience and recommend Botnation with your link. This will stay for years, will be indexed by search engines, and will accumulate over time generating you commissions regularly.

Simulate your potential income

Need to know more? We have put online a simulator to calculate the potential income generated by your sponsorship, the conditions of distribution and to obtain your personal sponsorship code.
👉 Simulate your Generated Income

We really care about win-win relationships, which is why we have worked hard on this topic to help both companies and self-employed entrepreneurs generate additional income over the next few years through this B2B affiliation. This is not a deduction from your invoice or a credit to spend on Botnation, it is really a dedicated commission paid by bank transfer or check!

The B2B market usually gives back 10-15% commission, we went straight to 25% because we want our partners to grow with us.

We wish you great affiliate commissions Botnation…

⚠️ Some rules to know ⚠️

👉🏻 You have a personalized, tracked link to pass on to your potential referrals. When he/she registers at Botnation via this link, he/she is identified as coming from you. But only if he used this link alone (not a natural URL, no cookies or anything). There is no code to transmit.

👉🏻 If the first month of registration your affiliate does not use the service or stays on the free offer, you will get 0€. If the second month he/she uses a promo code for 1 month free, you will get 0€. If in the third month he/she takes the Elite+ offer, you will earn 25% x $79 (and the following months) for the life of this account!

👉🏻 If the account is created via your link, it is identified “for life” as coming from you. The affiliate has access to all the advantages of the Botnation offers, just like you, namely: stay on the free offer for the time necessary to build his chatbot, move on to the Elite offer, then Expert, and then back to the free offer, without commitment. In case of generated income, the retrocession will be automatic, even after several months of hiatus.

Bonus : We thought about you and we are explaining further how to make money with Botnation !

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