10 important things you probably didn’t know about Botnation AI

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Here is a compilation of the 10 tips and tricks that we often receive. Regular customers may know most of the points mentioned, but others will surely be surprised by one of them! In short, everything you always wanted to know about Botnation but were afraid to ask.

The cheapest subscription on the market

Botnation works with many large groups, but start-ups and SMEs remain in our DNA. That’s why the first subscription is still available from 9€/month!

The platform features a high commission referral program

Recommend Botnation and earn money! You will receive 25% of the subscriptions you generate. The average in B2B is 15%. Just check out our partner program.

Lead collection chatbots convert 30% more than a traditional form

We conducted a study on the transformation rate of classic web forms versus the transformation rate of dynamic forms by chatbot, the results are unanimous: chatbots are 30% more efficient! A

Botnation deploys 14 “in-house” algorithms and does not depend on GAFAM

At Botnation, everything is homemade 😉 Unlike many other solutions, our artificial intelligence module is not connected to external solutions. Everything is done in-house by Botnation’s developers, in France!

The number of chatbots on your account is unlimited

Billing does not depend on the number of chatbots, so you can create as many as you want, either for yourself or your customers.

We work with many web and media agencies

That’s why agencies appreciate us. They can create and manage chatbots for multiple customers and duplicate them to save time, via our ergonomic interface.

40% of our chatbots are dynamic FAQ chatbots

We regularly conduct studies on the use of the Botnation platform. Last summer, we concluded, for example, that the most common use of chatbots is dynamic FAQs to provide quick answers to its users.

Training organizations love chatbots

Chatbots are an extremely practical tool for training organizations: they allow to provide ancillary learning and test knowledge in a fun way.

The statistics of the platform are extremely complete

Thanks to our platform, you can measure any action performed on the chatbot. The dashboard allows you to see at a glance the traffic of your chatbot and to go further by configuring the conversion funnels or your tracking tags.

Botnation is a 100% French solution!

Cocoricoooo! Botnation has been deployed in France since 2017, between Paris and Rennes. The platform has received several certifications and is listed in the France Digitale directories of companies specialized in AI.

You can therefore contact us in French (or in English and Spanish!) for any request, we will be happy to answer you 🤗

Beautiful day to you on Botnation!

Amandine Carpentier

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