Google Bard: the chatbot that revolutionizes conversational AI

Google Bard

Google recently launched Bard, its new AI bot, in a test phase in the US and UK. This chatbot is considered a serious competitor to ChatGPT, the famous artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. Although similar to its rivals, Google insists that Bard is not intended to replace them, but rather to serve as a complement.

Comparison with other chatbots on the market

According to some tests conducted, it seems that Bard is perceived as more annoying than other chatbots on the market. Indeed, Vox calls Bard’s answers dry and uncontroversial. However, scratching beneath the surface, one can see that Bard is able to provide relevant and accurate answers while avoiding controversy. In addition, it stands out from its competitors by its ability to give approximate answers when it does not have sufficient information to answer with certainty.

The strengths of Google Bard

  • Relevant and precise answers
  • Avoids controversy and sensitive topics
  • Able to give approximate answers when uncertain

Weaknesses of Google Bard

  • Sometimes dry and boring answers
  • Limited availability at this time (US and UK)
  • Not yet 100% reliable

Bard versus Bing Chat, the Microsoft-powered version of ChatGPT

The new confrontation between Bard and Bing Chat shows that the powerful search engines of Google are competing with those of Microsoft. Both systems use artificial intelligence to analyze and classify large amounts of information available online to answer questions posed by users.

Feature comparison

  • Bard: Relevant and accurate answers, avoids controversy, approximate answers in case of uncertainty
  • Bing Chat: Based on ChatGPT, provides an engaging and fluid conversation experience, is likely to generate debate and discussion

The future of Google Bard


For the moment, Google Bard is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom, but the American firm promises a greater openness in the coming weeks. In addition, Google states that Bard is not yet 100% reliable and warns that it may give approximate answers to questions asked of it. It is therefore possible that future updates will improve the reliability and quality of the answers provided by this chatbot.

Expectations for the coming weeks and months

  • Expansion of Bard’s geographical availability
  • Improved reliability and quality of responses
  • Possible integrations with other Google products and services

All in all, Google Bard is a promising chatbot that stands out from its competitors thanks to its ability to provide relevant and accurate answers while avoiding controversy. Although it is still in the testing phase and geographically limited, it represents an important advance in the field of conversational agents based on artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to follow its development and adoption by users in the coming months.

Amandine Carpentier

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