The medical chatbot, an opportunity to seize?

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Today, chatbots have become essential in several sectors of activity. They are part of the innovations that have emerged thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence. The world of health care can still evolve a lot by seeing the growing success of these tools. They offer many benefits to both patients and physicians. The medical chatbot is undoubtedly an opportunity to seize. Find out why.

Using chatbots for health: what’s the point?

Still called conversational agent or chatbot, the chatbot is, since its creation, a serious help in several sectors. Working on the principle of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, chatbots are endowed with the ability to simulate humans during a discussion.

Their ability to perform certain tasks in place of a human being is another aspect that illustrates the importance of these programmed bots in their use. Moreover, chatbots are frequently used in companies to improve the customer experience. They are notably integrated into a website or an online messaging platform such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, etc.

Today, the use of chatbots is effective in several sectors of activity. The health sector is no exception. Thus, these tools are designed to make it easier for patients to access the medical care they need. Physicians will also be able to better understand how to access each patient’s medical data.

Also, thanks to the medical bots, patients will be able to get a lot of information in a timely manner. They may concern the availability of the doctor, making an appointment with a health professional, etc. In fact, the health care facility regularly collects data.

This allows the bot to be enriched and trained using Machine Learning. Thus, the tool will be able to provide adapted answers to patients’ requests.

The benefits of medical chatbots in the healthcare environment

Just like the Botnation enterprise chatbot, the one offered by the platform in the healthcare environment has many advantages. Medical chatbots are beneficial to key stakeholders in this space, including doctors and patients.

For physicians


The usefulness of health chatbots is on several levels. They come to relieve the doctors in the accomplishment of their daily tasks. Indeed, these programmed bots have the ability to take care of certain tasks allowing the hospital staff to have time to take care of other emergencies.

Thanks to medical chatbots, recurring tasks managed by doctors on a daily basis can be automated. This allows them to devote themselves to more important tasks, always with the aim of guaranteeing the well-being of the patient. This will allow healthcare professionals to improve the quality of their services.

On the other hand, health chatbots can help doctors provide solutions to simpler health problems. They also allow them to optimally organize patient paths. In case of an emergency, these artificial intelligence-based robots can provide immediate assistance to health professionals.

For patients

Every patient is always driven by the desire to have data about their health. They may relate to the symptoms of a condition or to the options for treating a disease. The use of medical chatbots can move in this direction.

Following a patient’s requests, the medical bot can provide him/her with indications on care paths, a type of treatment, examples of medication, etc. Thus, the health chatbot appears as a useful tool to give pre-diagnosis to patients. However, these must be confirmed afterwards by the health care professional.

In addition, conversational agents have the ability to provide guidance to patients on the right steps to take to ensure their care. Some health chatbots are also able to collect patient feedback. This allows medical care centers to improve the quality of their services.

On the other hand, a medical chatbot has a significant function. They can remind patients to take their medications when necessary. This is an undeniable advantage in a context where the number of people suffering from chronic diseases and forced to follow a drug treatment is constantly increasing.

Thanks to health chatbots, patients can easily follow their treatment. This way, they are protected from unnecessary hospitalizations. Another major benefit of these chat agents is that they allow patients to make appointments with physicians. They will therefore be able to have all the data relating to the availability of the doctor in question.

About medical chatbot use cases


The use of medical chatbots can be beneficial when performing patient triage in order to accompany them so that they have appropriate help from pre-diagnosis. These conversational agents are also used in the health field to guide sick people who do not know the ideal time to consult a doctor.

Many people do not know when to make an appointment with a health care professional for a simple consultation or for an emergency visit. With the advent of medical chatbots, patients will have more reliable information compared to searching online for information about the cause of symptoms of certain conditions for example.

Accessibility of medical information with chatbots for health

In the health care environment, it is imperative that information about medical care be accessible to both physicians and patients. Medical chatbots are therefore reliable solutions that make all this possible.

In the health professionals as well as patients, many want to have information regarding various concerns. Thanks to the health chatbot, access to medical data is easier and faster.

Considering the multiple assets that medical chatbots present, we must recognize that they represent a real opportunity for the sector.

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