How billing works

You don’t understand the amount Botnation AI has debited you for the current month?

Here’s how Botnation billing works, step by step:

1. Free mode

When you’re in Free mode, you can create as many chatbots as you like and test them for as long as you like – you won’t be charged! From the moment your chatbot is ready and you want to publish it, you need to take out a subscription.

Our offers are available on this page.

2. Starter + and Business offers

By choosing Starter +, you are entitled to 500 users/month included in the €29 you pay. Between 0 and 500 users, you pay €29 plus VAT.

Business is the top tier, with 1,000 users/month included in the €49 monthly fee. If you have fewer than 1,000 users, you’ll pay €49 plus VAT.

Simply go to the offers page, choose the plan you want and enter your credit card numbers. Payments and invoices will be automated.

These offers are unrestricted, i.e. you can exceed the number of users, in which case you will be charged €0.05/additional user.

Case in point: you’ve opted for the Starter + offer. You register 700 users. You will be billed: €29 + ((700-500) x 0.05) = €29 + 10 = €39 plus VAT

With a cross product, you’ll see that from 901 users / month in total, it will be more interesting to opt for the Business offer.

3. How does Botnation collect additional users?

At the beginning of the period, you pay the monthly amount in advance (either €29 or €49). At the end of the period (30 days), we calculate the total number of users, then debit this amount at the beginning of the next period, along with the price of your subscription.

Case in point: you have opted for the Business offer on March 1st.
On March 1st, you will be charged €49 plus VAT. During the month of March, you register 1,200 users.
On April 1st, we will therefore charge you 49 + ((1200-1000) x 0.05) = 49 + 10 = €59 excl. tax
👉🏻 This corresponds to the April subscription paid at the beginning of the period and the overrun from the previous month (which we can only calculate at the end of the period).
During the month of April, you register 900 users.
On May 1st, you’ll be charged €49 plus VAT for the month of May (you won’t be billed for more than 1,000 users).

An invoice with overrun is therefore made up of :

  • a fixed price for the coming period (next 30 days)
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for the previous 30 days (overrun)

4. How do I subscribe to the Enterprise package?

We are aware that some chatbots register a much higher volume of users, in this case, we invite you to contact us and we’ll be happy to offer you a package tailored to your needs!

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