Utilize a user’s geolocation

Ideal to offer your products and services according to the location of your customers

Imagine you have a chatbot on your Facebook page and you want to geolocate the user who is conversing with your chatbot to offer a response based on their location. For example, you could suggest goods, services or stores based on its location.

It’s possible with Botnation AI! There are even 2 ways to do this that we will detail. First of all, you need to master the notions of variables, the IF condition and the GPS feature for Messenger or Web Chatbot.

Here we go:

1. Using the variable {{LANGUAGE}}

First, you can use the variable {{LANGUAGE}} containing the language of your user (based on his Facebook profile or his browser for a web chatbot) and then use the conditions to direct him to sections of your bot translated into different languages. If you need to refine by country then propose a menu according to the language. Ex: “For German: are you in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other? “

2. Using the GPS feature

2/ Otherwise, the GPS function is for you! The GPS location mode will give you the GPS coordinates and the user’s City and Country. This will be more accurate but less “ergonomic” for the user and more “intrusive” because it will go through an additional window. You will also have to use the conditions using the variable {{GPS_COUNTRY}} communicated in order to direct the user to the right section of your chatbot.

The easiest way to do this is to do some tests on your own and make your own judgement on these 2 solutions, one technique will be more adapted than the other according to your needs.

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