What is the point of viral marketing?

viral marketing

Marketing has evolved so much in recent years. Today, he uses modern tools and methods that apply to his new field, digital! However, despite technological advances, word-of-mouth is always present, even on the web. It is called: viral marketing.

Viral marketing consists in spreading the message from an initial recipient to other consumers (colleagues, relatives, friends, etc.). The offer spreads from one individual to another, like a “virus”, hence the name! The recommendation of the offer can be spontaneous and there, it is the originality and the innovation which motivates the viral marketing, or induced via the sponsorship process.

Definition of viral marketing

In fact, viral marketing is very simple. It is about recommending a brand or a product to people around youby targeting a given category of customers during a marketing campaign.

The receivers turn into broadcasters, and the information spreads, like a virus! However, for viral marketing to succeed, the message must be strong enough and very original so that it can make the BUZZ.

Social networks are the first field of application of viral marketing! Through media content such as videos, images, share buttons, contests.

Remuneration systems differ from case to case, sometimes the user increases his chances in a contest or a game, by entering his friend’s email address (or his @). And sometimes, paid referral systems are used (the user earns money by referring a friend).

What should I know about viral marketing?

In a successful viral marketing campaign, the exposure of the product is not the purchase of advertising space, but rather the customers themselves!

In fact, viral marketing already existed before the Internet. The Internet has simply optimized its use by facilitating the transmission of information through sharing.

Besides, the “share” button is the biggest support of viral marketing. There are two types of viral marketing. The first is based on the various digital tools and supports: (social networks, emails, newsletters, etc.).

Depending on the content, share bars are integrated into the professional sites of companies or brands or any editorial content dealing with information.

The second type corresponds to a real marketing strategy dealing with creative content to promote the transmission of information. This is the case, for example, for publications that are original enough to be shared at high speed. The content must be attractive enough to create the phenomenon of exponential diffusion.

The return on investment of viral marketing campaigns is very important, except that their success remains uncertain.

How to create a viral marketing campaign?

If all marketers dream of creating BUZZ with viral marketing, very few of them succeed in their objectives! Indeed, viral marketing is an uncertain method, because it depends mainly on the reaction of Internet users, events, publication times, etc. You always need a stroke of luck to succeed in your strategy! But beware, this does not mean that viral marketing content is random! Not at all, it is the product of a great strategy.

How to succeed in viral marketing?

There are several steps to follow to achieve a successful viral marketing strategy. You must:

  • Determine audience;
  • Understanding audience behavior;
  • Build on positive feelings …. Or on negative emotions! ;
  • Create original and creative content;
  • Study the events and choose the right timing;
  • Using multimedia content;
  • Encourage sharing.

To conclude, although viral marketing remains a simple marketing idea, it is a real strategy that must be carefully studied to obtain good results, especially since this technique allows to have a good return on investment, with generally, very little expense.

To create successful content, always keep it simple and creative. You can be helped by fun infographics, short videos, images, articles, editorial content, etc. Remember to always stimulate the emotions of your target audience.

Amandine Carpentier

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